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Thread: Have you ever?

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    Have you ever?

    I was shopping through the DD and someone was selling EMs. I was so excited I thought, "I better stick around and see if they post more up". Felt a little like a stalker but once I noticed they were done, I promptly moved on.

    Thought it would be funny to play "have you ever" Hay day style. Answer to the person above you and then ask the next, a "have you ever question" 😊

    To start off:
    Have you ever "staked out" in someone's RSS? 😋

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    Yes, unknowingly did tat as a newbie, not anymore tho have u ever slept with the game on?

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    Sadly enough yes. Have you ever cried when playing HayDay?

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    After selling 60 axes to Greg whilst i was asleep yes...

    Have you ever spend money on a BRT?
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    Have you ever thought about becoming a vegan?

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