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Thread: Best crops to grow for coins?

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    Best crops to grow for coins?

    What are the best crops to grow for coins?
    im only 47 and I've only grown corn since I started playing so I'm curious to know what makes you the most money?

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    On my farm, just farming!
    That is something I would also like to know!

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    I can't remember when you can unlock rice, but if you have it unlocked already I've found that to be the best seller for me. It takes 45 mins but if you grow them continuously you'll see an increase in your funds since they do sell for 180 for 10 and they sell really fast. I've noticed that carrots sell pretty fast too. Good luck farming!

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    Have a look at this thread, quite a few answers there.

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    I was doing it with these: rice, lettuce, cotton, soybeans & peppers.
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    Best crop to grow for coins is sugar cane. Takes 30 min and sell 144 coins for 10. Farmers get Sugar Mill very early in the game and sugar cane sells very well, unlike other higher level crops.
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    Cotton and Peppers seems to work very well for me.
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    None of the answers are necesarrily wrong. But they ignore some subtle complexities of the game. I'm going to risk making this more complicated than you wanted, but learning to consider these things can help over the long haul...

    All other things being equal (AND THEY NEVER ARE) then wheat has the potential of being the highest profit crop. You can make 2592 coins/day growing wheat. Not because it is a high-coin item, but because it is fast.

    The downside, is that you need to be logged on constantly: you probably aren't going to be there i order to plant wheat every 2 minutes for all 24 hours of the day.

    The coins-per-hour that you can make from crops is (roughly) opposite from how long it takes to grow them. In order, they are: wheat, corn, carrot, soybean, sugarcane, indigo, cotton, pumpkin, potato, lettuce, chilipepper, tomato, strawberry, rice. But that only works if you are online and playing 24 hours a day. Most of us aren't.

    So you need to factor in how much you can play. If you're killing time (commuting home or something), then growing wheat can be the most profitable because you can do it over and over and over.

    If you're going to sleep, and will be away for eight hours, well that's the growing time of a strawberry. At that point the question becomes "What is the most expensive crop that grows in no more than 8 hours?". Strawberries!

    Also, just about all of the crops sell really well, except for wheat, since there is so much of it in the DD. So if you're really killing time, and thinking about growing several hundred of something in a short period of time, then you either need a very large shop, or you should go with corn instead of wheat because it is the second best item but has much higher demand.

    A good overall strategy is to figure out the fast items you can make while you have plenty of time to kill, the medium duration items you can make during the day (assuming you can check in during every coffee/tea/bathroom break), and the slow/expensive items to make at night while you are sleeping.

    Note that while the examples above are about crops, similar things go any one of the machines. The interaction of all these many otherwise simple details it what makes HayDay a rather complicated scheduling and resource management puzzle.
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    I experienced For myself the corn is best earnings...Fo it takes 5 mins and i sell it for 60 coins..I dont know about others...
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    Wheat is the best item to sell for coins (for me anyway). I sell 10 each time at a price of 30 coins and they are sold pretty quick. And on the plus side, wheat only takes 2 minutes to grow.

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