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Thread: A blacksmith shop

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    A blacksmith shop

    You have to collect special ore from the mine and chop down a tree to build axes and saws.

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    And make horseshoes for boat / truck / town visitor orders. Or special Derby task that offers special rewards.

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    It has been suggested, a lot. It has also been 'ruled out for now'. Anything to make our own axes/saws has been ruled out. Shame really.

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    I hope SC never does this. It's a time and resource management game. Managing your resources is what makes this game so enjoyable. If the game gave you everything you needed without having to work for it, the fun would be gone. There are tricks to having enough saws and axes. It is VERY doable if you use your resources wisely. The main reason people run out of saws and axes is because as soon as they get one, they use it. The game is DESIGNED to give you less of what you don't have. SAVE a few axes and saws in your barn and soon your farm will begin producing more of them. After you have a good number, then use a few to clean up your farm. But NEVER let your supply of them get down to zero.
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