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    Thanks for the update! Switched back to using mobile finally, looks much better
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    Time moves so fast. It's like yesterday it was 2015!
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    I haven't showered since like.. last year

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    Love it!!!! Looks amazing!

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    Still cannot access groups and I would still prefer full site

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    Are you using internet explorer? Because you're about a month late.

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    Need some tweaks. They are listed here -

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shashwat View Post
    Still cannot access groups and I would still prefer full site
    Thanks for the feedback! The groups aren't really tweaked for the mobile experience, but let's see if that could be done!
    Quote Originally Posted by sujalthelost View Post
    Need some tweaks. They are listed here -
    Thanks for this!


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    cant able to logged in for long time

    Phone MOTO G 2, android version 5.0.2. After every post I get log out and can't able to post big thread too due to log out soon! Plz help how Ican resolve it😢

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    Some Thoughts

    After having a rough overview of the new mobile layout, the following is what I think can be improved or changed.

    Device: iPhone 6+
    OS: iOS 9, September 16th release.

    While browsing in landscape, the top bar/header is behaving a bit strange at the main page. Will probably happen on any page. If this is intended, don't mind this point.

    There is x-overflow on the main page, allowing me to scroll left and right. I don't know if this is intended. If it isn't, please check it out

    On the Clash Forum, a subscription button is showing. After clicking, I was faced with an error telling me I can not post in this forum. IMO it should be removed for the normal user.

    The "Submit New Thread/Post" button should be shortened IMO. "Submit Thread/Post" or simply "Submit" would deliver the message of what the button will do.

    A slight design point. Nothing big, but it would be nice if the padding was equal on both the top and bottom

    I assume it is the menu button. As of now while writing, a click on it will redirect me to a specific page for navigation. My experience on other mobile sites with a similar style usually just makes an animation or transition, with the menu popping/sliding up/out without leaving the page.
    It's nothing big, but I thought I would point it out

    These are just what I would like to point out.

    Great update on the mobile site! It really needed a refresher. It looks amazing


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    Looks nice, but I still prefer the full site.
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    I will be the happiest person alive if you put settings on the moblie site. So people don't have to use computers or the full site to ed

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    Wheres the edit the message button..

    If you just saw my post above...
    I clicked to quickly... As i was saying- edit there bios or change something.

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