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Thread: Ash's Town Hall 10 Base File with 275 Walls

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    Ash's Town Hall 10 Base File with 275 Walls

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    With the introduction of 25 new walls, I will be updating many of my TH10 bases as many as work on many others. This thread will be a listing, as well as explanation to many of my new TH10 bases that I will be working on in the coming days.

    This thread will be constantly updated with new TH10 base designs.

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    Trophy/War Bases:

    New TH10 base for all purpose! (that's right) For Wars, Trophy Pushing, and loot protection!

    Ad Meliora (testers needed!)

    TH10 version of the Cloudburst base!

    Cloudburst (Farming / Hybrid)

    Titanium (base defended to Titan League)
    Base Picture:
    Base Speed Build + Defense Replays:

    This base has allowed me to push from ~3500 trophies to 4132 trophies purely on defense! And is definitely one of the best bases I've built. What makes it so effective?
    - Anti-Golem funnel all around the base
    - Hidden wall gaps:
    - High Town Hall protection. Numerous defenses and traps. Heroes and Clan Castle troops are triggered when troops hop over or pass the floating walls.
    - Dual Single Target Infernos combined with surrounding defenses protecting the Town Hall
    - Very anti-2 star and can be used in war. Easiest way to defeat base is to attack it from north, but extremely difficult to 2 star. Base has never been 2 starred from an attack from north.
    - All X-bows are set to Ground. Does not mean base is weak to air. Base is easy to 1 star from northern attack by Lavaloonion or Mass Dragons. But difficult to defeat if attacker against head on from south against 2 Air Sweepers pointing south.
    - Base wins 75%+ of the time if attacked from the south. Base is strongest from the south. Base is weakest from the east or west, but is still very good at defending and I've won many defenses against Titan attackers attacking from east or west.
    - Base is very very good against mass Golem attackers with 3/4 Jump Spells (very common attack in Titan and Champion 1).
    - For best performance, it is recommended that you have both Heroes and a Clan Castle Lava Hound with 5 Archers active on defense!

    Daybreaker: (Updated 11/17/2015)
    Speed Build:


    Speed Build:

    Video Defense Replays:

    - 6 Golems + 4 Jump Spells
    - Lavaloonion
    - another 6 Golems + 4 Jump Spells
    - GoWiPe
    - Mass Lv5 Dragons
    - GoWiWi
    - another 6 Golems + 4 Jump Spells

    * Some defenses do not have Heroes active on defense.

    - After some tests with the Eye of the Tiger base I had found some common flaws such as the ease for Jump Spell users to jump inside the base regardless of the small core. This new base inherits much of the same concepts as Eye of the Tiger, but also has its own unique concepts.
    - Unlike the Eye of the Tiger, the core of this base is Anti-AQ. Archer Queen can't target Town Hall without jumping over.
    - Added space between core walls and surrounding buildings prevent the ease of jumpers such as the Barbarian King or Pekkas from jumping in.
    - A much more challenging anti-Golem defense ring. Tougher to core base with jumping Golems jumping with Wizards.
    - Tough to core base with Balloons. Air Sweepers are also centralized.
    - Quadrangular Air Defenses prevent hybrid attacks as well as AQ walks and provide better coverage against Lv5 mass Dragons.
    - Many other key additions.

    "Eye of the Tiger"

    Speed Build:

    HotC V2

    (Left Inferno Tower is set to Single Target mode!)

    Speed Build:

    - Updated version of the Heart of the Champion V2 base. Much more refining look and improvements to much of the funneling weaknesses.
    - Anti-Archer Queen core is the main appeal of this base. AQ will not be able to touch TH without jumping over the interior walls or breaking it.
    - Anti-Earthquake. Earthquake Spells will not be able to break largely separated compartments.
    - Anti-Golem funnel will have Golems circling base.
    - Improved funnel against Barbarian King and Pekkas. Spaced out buildings away from the core walls make it much more challenging for BK and Pekkas to jump inside core as they will be pulled in by all the buildings in the large 'open-ring' funneling system.
    - Air Defenses are better placed and away from the range of Wizard Towers to provide great protection against Lavaloon.
    - Town Hall is now spaced with walls, so Balloon splash will not deal any damage to TH. Very difficult for a Lavaloonion attacker to 2 star this base!
    - Walls around TH also make it very difficult or nearly impossible for BK or Pekkas to target TH as they will be funneled around the core if they make it in. Archer Queen will also be less keen on jumping over the walls to target TH if buildings inside are removed by her, as she prioritizes on walking rather than jumping (especially when 2 layers of wall separated TH from her).
    - Giant Bombs are placed away from the defense ring, preventing Golems from triggering them. They will serve great use against support troops like Wizards or Witches that try to make their way to core.
    - Outer compartments all now occupy a defense, increasing the difficulty of breaking the defense funnel chain.

    Themis X

    Speed Build:
    Base Information Thread:

    - Added walls at south, creating additionally problems for attackers who wish to attack the base from the side.
    - Space between walls and Cannons provide coverage for the Cannons against the range of Wizards, making it tougher for attackers to break the Golem funnel.

    Farming Bases:

    Hypercube X

    Feel free to help test! I will be posting a lot of defense logs and video replays soon!
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