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    Thumbs up Game freezing up since latest Apple update

    Anyone having the same problem? Also extremely slow. Rebooted a few times.

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    Yes, i have this prob also with IOS 9. Rebooted and still so hard to fnction, farm freezes it seems, so slow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Groovy View Post
    Same here. hay day doesn't like iOS9. and it IS hay day because it is the only app Im having trouble with.
    Clash of clan is working fine as an example

    Hey day stutters and freezes and like you said sometimes locks up and you have to hit the home button to force quit the app

    IMHO it is sound related. something the way hey day is calling sounds is causing this
    Same problem-- slow motion moves, crashes.. But I play Mermaid World and it is by a different company and it won't even open. Sometimes Hayday won't open. I have an iPad 2 so I thought that was the problem. I'm glad iPad Air users are having trouble, too.

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    Unhappy Same problem here!

    I'm having the same issue as everyone else, I guess - slow and crashing. Can't get my crops harvested before it crashes and I can't get it back on.

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    game is lagging using ISO9

    Quote Originally Posted by rbcrewser View Post
    Anyone else having this issue? Everything moves beyond slow. You can barely function.
    Yes, I am having the same issue. It's making me not want to play.
    Also the game freezes when you try to work too fast.
    I have noticed when filling my machines, or trying to look through the classifieds, that they both keep closing up on me.

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    Scrolling Problem Since ios9

    This is probably not an issue for SC but is anyone else noticing that you can't scroll easily any more since ios9? The screen just freezes and you have to hold it down and sort of push it to where you want to go. Before this, you could just lightly flick the screen and it would glide along smoothly.

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    HD crashed for ios 9

    Yeah me too. HD crashed since I updated to ios 9 (20-30 times for an hour I played last night). Keeps on loading for a couple of mins or so.. Wonder if hd supports the latest ios version

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    Quote Originally Posted by bettycream View Post
    Slow, stuttery, and crashing since installing the new operating system. I can barely play more than a few minutes on my iPad Air. I closed other running apps, did a hard restart, and no better. I contacted ingame support and they got right back to me, but told me to install the optional game update. I already had, yesterday, and the game was running perfectly, as always. But then I installed ios9. That was when the trouble started. There have to be others with this problem!

    Yeah, mine as well since last night

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    I've just updated mine and although it's a lot slower, I'm not freezing up. Personally I hate the update, let's hope they make a few adjustments

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    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for reporting this! If you experience issues with iOS9, could you please post the following:

    - Your level
    - Device and model
    - iOS version (iOS9 Beta or iOS9 Final)
    - Do you have sounds & music enabled in the settings
    - Which version of Hay Day do you have installed (can be found in Settings -> More -> Credits and the first line)
    - Describe in more detail stuttering and crashes, like where it happened, what were you doing when it happened, did you notice anything else out of the ordinary
    - Any other info you can think of

    We haven't been able to reproduce the issues you guys have reported, so that's why I am asking for a bit more details. Thanks for your cooperation and help!


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