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    NICK: I hope they will at least give us some more information about who we bought from that got us flagged, otherwise how on earth will we know not to buy from them again. I have over 150 followers and many GC friends none of which I suspect of being a bot farm. I've never knowingly bought from a bot. Scratch that one time I did before I realized it was a bot and I reported it after I had watched them for a while to make sure it was a bot and not just an active person. PS I don't buy wheat, I sell it. Manually and intermittently only when I'm on (which is regularly throughout the day), but not constantly ( a girls got to sleep for goodness sake). <-----surely they can verify that. I do work trades through the forums on here to benefit my fellow hoodies. How am I to know if the person selling to me is obtaining items legitimately or not? As far as I know they were all on the up and up. It's not fair to penalize people who are playing the game.

    Seriously this is ridiculous.

    And here I was all excited about the new updates. The best analogy I can come up with is: I feel like I won the lottery (because the new updates look that awesome and as a leader of my neighborhood I was very excited about the derby changes) and then got tossed in a porta-potty. That about sums it up.

    thanks for keeping the lines of communication open, Nick. We still love ya, but clearly someone was a little over zealous in the bot recognition algorithm.

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    supercell stupid ! u need to unban our farms now!

    i have 4 farms 3 of them bot farms 1 main farm which i never used bot on it
    super cell banned my main farms and bot farms still working this mean u such stupid team cant recognize bot farm from non-bot farm !

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    TRIAOTRAX!!!: Okay, I've traded with Triaxotrax from the forums. Real person there. Upright trading practices. fair and square. Did Hayday just flag everyone who moves a lot of exp items?

    Hi by the way Triao. Looks like we are in the same boat.

    Wonder if there are any more connections?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tiaxotrax View Post
    I'm hoping the support channels work we shall see. I reported several bots after I figured out they were bots.....go in buy all wheat it pops back up buy all wheat.....realize that a lvl 35 farm is putting up wheat at 10 for 1 coin faster than I can click on it to fill a 6000 space silo....leave the RSS notice the tale tale pattern of 4 stages of wheat scattered out in random fashion notice the animals all stacked in 1 spot unfed, just enough machines to get by to lvl 19 and nothing bought since then. take screenshot report farm and move on.

    yet apparently that's not good enough....either that or I did something else that further damned me. We shall see. sadly the only way to get an ios device to bring up a fresh farm is to completely reset it. so now I've lost the farm as well as all other apps and settings in order to create new farm in order to get to support to submit ticket. So here's hoping for success.

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    I will close this thread now. If you are banned, please reach out to our support if you think it was uncalled for. Do it by using the button in the popup when you load the game, or then look for contact information from here: (permanent bans).

    I can not unban or look into details of the bans. Only our support team can do so.

    I just want to end this thread with a message to those who know they have been abusing the system - Hay Day is a game where we respect our players, and to play fair and square. We are committed to hunt down bots, players who run them and players who use them. As I said in my original post, please report them to us instead of using them.


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