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    Quote Originally Posted by SweetDaze View Post
    If that was to me gertie? I did not have a task I was trashing

    No, my suggestion was not directed to any specific person.

    And, it's unlikely anyone wishes to trash at ask they chose & are avidly working.

    if someone is trashing the board & has a task in progress, easy to then trash task in progress as it will appear in trash window.
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    This just happened in my NH .

    It is UTTERLY RIDICULOUS that you can trash your own task while clearing the board!

    It needs to be a completely separate action to trash a task in progress.

    We are now unable to place at all

    There are too many low point tasks to not trash the board when you are working on a task, you need to get others set up. SC just needs to be less defensive and more proactive and get it changed.
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    So tragic

    I have trashed tasks accident,y a couple of times and you spend the rest of the derby hoping to stay out of the bottom three !
    NOW I read the text box every will actually say it's a derby task. You just have to be careful......

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    I've never done it, but a neighbour did. From that I learnt to go verrrryyy slooowwwly and carefully if trashing with an active task!
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    Bump. This is an excellent topic and horrible issue that results in some getting kicked out of a global derby for a mistake anyone could make. I wish SC would eliminate this feature as well since it causes so much drama.

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    The solution on this problem shoud bee so simple !! : IF you need to point on you own task first to get it up so you CAN thow it !! ,,,,,,,,, as it now it OBVIOUSLY happen to many PLAYERS !

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