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    Like the comedian, Ron White, once said, You can't fix stupid

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    Prompt Message When Deleting Own Task

    I have accidentally pressed the trash button for my own task and this is the message I've received:

    "You sure you want to trash this taken task? Your task quota will not be refunded."

    i was given the option to trash or cancel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sparkly888 View Post
    Well if this were to happen I can see it already.
    People asking to have a double click confirmation so you can't accidentally trash a good task.
    Especially with high point tasks being in short supply that would hurt too, to accidentally trash a high point task. It's easy enough to accidentally hit the trash button instead of the accept button.
    I still do this with truck orders.

    Im not unsympathetic as I too have accidentally trashed one of mine.
    But I haven't done it since because I'm more careful now.

    Maybe be they could allow players to buy back an accidental delete with diamonds.

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    Task got trashed

    Hi all! About two days ago, I almost completed my 7th 320 derby task, which was a boat task. When I logged in again after a short break, I found my task already in the trash bin. Can someone explain why? It is very very upsetting.
    Also, about a few hours ago, when I checked the derby task board, suddenly the derby said it was calculating the derby results, while the derby was supposed to end in about 4 hours.
    What is going on?
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    Quote Originally Posted by PeteParducci View Post
    Like the comedian, Ron White, once said, You can't fix stupid
    So correct.

    Its stupid having 1 trash bin that trashes 2 different areas.

    Its stupid having a message that on really small screens is not easy to read and at a glance appears the same as the message for trashing board tasks.

    it is stupid not making the own task trash message a different colour and so more obvious for small screen users.

    Its stupid that this was not thought out prior to release.

    Its stupid that several people have requested a change in this area and nothing appears to be being done.

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    I agree that this is a real problem and changes should be made to prevent it from happening. It's an easily made mistake, especially with the enormous amount of task-trashing going on every half hour. I think it is safe to assume that most neighborhoods have had a member accidentally trash their own task at some point. It's happened to my team at least three times, and we have all been extra careful since the first time it happened.

    It would be a simple thing to fix, and I really do not understand SC's apparent reluctance to do so. The lackluster response given by Nick makes me wonder if the developers actually play the game.

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    Agree something has to be done about this 😒
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    Quote Originally Posted by Emmie View Post
    Agree something has to be done about this 😒
    Is being more careful and paying attention out of the question?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeteParducci View Post
    Is being more careful and paying attention out of the question?
    I don't think so. But changing it to a more obvious reminder would make it a lot easier.

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    I agree

    Sure it takes steps to trash a current task but it's the same steps you're taking to trash board tasks and if a member is trashing a board task at the same exact time, as we often see now because everyone is waiting on that task board since 320 isn't seen as often, then the first member is trashing the actual task and a message pops up saying that task is already trashed but occasionally it is trashed before you tap it and then you're talking your own task so you're not aware. If that makes sense. And I've limited the members who can trash but it really stinks demoting someone just so they can't trash

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