Hi everyone,

The Wolfpack is a clan I started over a month ago, and currently we have a solid group of 40 members. We provide troops 24/7 as we have members in Europe, Australia, and across the US. Our members are active in clan chat and can be very helpful with advice on how to do well in the game.

I promote members to elder status after they show that they are relatively active, donate troops when they can, and help out fellow members. Simply asking to become an elder will make me inclined not to promote you.

We are currently recruiting anyone with over 900 trophies, but we want to stay competitive and keep our members progressing trophy-wise, so the minimum trophies required raises by 50-100 every Friday.

My GameCenter ID is Farkour (the same as my in-game name). Let me or any of our elders know if you want to join our pack. Happy hunting!