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    Update October 2019

    Hi all,

    the latest update is now included and all booklets (in both languages) are now up to date, there are new links to the new files in the opnening post now.

    The only thing I am not entirely sure of, is the new daily bonus in Builder Hall Base for the cup range 5000 - 6000.
    Any confirmation would be nice; I fear it might take some time until I can personally check in-game
    (I'm currently sitting at 4.600 and seem to be stuck there).

    Have Fun
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    almost max TH12, lvl 219 63/65/ 40
    2014 Review-Video , Free download, printable stats booklet .
    Journey to full Lavas Video.

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    Awesome job with the booklet, it has helped me a lot recently and keep up the good work.

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