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    I don't play often because I'm at work all day, so during the week, it's just before work, at lunch and after work and occasionally a quick under the desk harvest, BUT, I have probably 40 nectar bushes. At one time I had 50. I do find that the more I have the longer they seem to last, and I definitely agree that reviving/replacing as soon as they go is much easier on the axe usage.

    With the derby, I've been saving up massive amounts of watering to be done for help tasks, and the problem with having them all revive at once, is that they all seem to die at once. I'm fortunate to have a good supply of axes, so that's not a problem, but it definitely is a bit scary to see a bunch go all at once.

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    Mathematically speaking, the ideal nectar bush to bee hive ratio is 2:1. Each hive gathers 100 nectar at a time and then the bees rest. With one bush to one hive the bees will fill the hive twice and the stop at half full the third time and wait for you to revive/replace the bush. With two bushes per hive the bees will fill the hive five times before needing to revive/replace the bush and will only wait for you when the hive is full.

    Anything more than two bushes per hive is cosmetic. The axe use is the same if you plant two at once or two hundred - eventually all of the bushes will need to be chopped down and the number of bushes planted does not change the rate at which you can gather honeycomb (except when the bees are held up waiting for a bush with nectar in it - see sentence two ). More bushes just means more axe management is needed (remember not to use them for something else!) and planting more bushes before chopping the spent ones leads to farms overrun with dead brush (same principle as other trees and bushes).

    That being said, I tend to keep 16 bushes 'cause I like the way they look around my honey tree

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