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Thread: How To Get Stars and Respect in Clan Wars (TH6~TH8) !

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    Lightbulb How To Get Stars and Respect in Clan Wars (TH6~TH8) !

    How To Get Stars and Respect in Clan Wars !

    • Clan Wars are an important part of Clash of Clans where two clans battle each other for winning the war thus gaining significant loot and levelling up their clan.

    • Clan wars are very different from normal “Find a match” Opponents, In the latter if you lose a battle it’s just loss of elixir wherein in the former if your attack fails it affects the whole TEAM.

    • Clan Wars is about team play combined with Individual attacking skills. One Good player cannot win an entire war but one bad player can definitely be the cause of a lost war.

    • Remember it’s Just a Game; you win some wars you lose some. Mistakes are bound to happen as we all in the end are Humans, but it’s really important that the same mistakes are not repeated in the near future.

    • For me:

    • A Good player is someone who is loyal, Generous, Sincere and Honest. He accepts his faults and mistakes and learns from them and does not repeat in the near future.

    • A Bad player on the other hand is simple a person who does not accept his mistakes neither learns from them.

    • Let’s get to the main part now:


    • This is by far the most important day of the clan wars; the duration of this day is 24 hours.

    • During this day you can make any changed to your war base which will then serve as your permanent base i.e. (Not allowing any changes) until the war day ends.

    • Any defences under upgrade will still function in Clan Wars unlike your normal defences against raids. Yes that means, Archer Towers, Cannons, Air Defences & Wiz towers all will fire their level of shrapnel. If the upgrade is completed it will fire the new level of shrapnel.

    • Stalk your opponent bases to know their base layout, Troop capacity, Defensive structure levels, their level of barracks, Upgraded troops, War Castle,Traps, Bombs and obviously the Town hall level.

    • Request for Defensive War Castle troops from the War page, below are the suggested Defensive war castle troops composition.

    TH 4-5: Castle Troop Capacity : 15 Troops (1Valkyrie, 1 Wizard,3 Archers).

    TH 6-7: Castle Troop Capacity : 20 Troops (1Valkyrie, 3 Wizard) –TH 6 Preferred.
    : 20 Troops ( 1 Dragon )-TH 7 Preferred.

    TH 8: Castle Troop Capacity : 25 Troops (HIGH Health Troops Because of vulnerability to Poison Spell) ( 1 Dragon, 1 Wizard or 1 Giant)


    • A Team captain or Leader has the most duties in a war unless all its clan members are experienced, Active and known their task.

    • Analyse each base of your team mates and your enemy bases and use your experience with your members in deciding whether every member will be able to 3star its Mirror base or not. If the member in question is at the bottom quarter of the war base layout, Let him proceed with his attack. If such a member is at the top or around the mid-section of the war base layout then advise him to hold his attack, As he can 3star any lower bases which might have gotten only 1 or 2 stars.

    • Send a Clan mail after your evaluation stating the members to either take out the Mirror bases or if you want a particular member to hold his attack.

    • Give the duties of donation in equal parts amongst the top 3-5 bases depending on War Size and their Level of troops, the higher the better.

    • Do not attack your own team mates in case their attack went sour, remember you are a clan.

    • Keep a lookout for last minute Enemy war base design alterations; after the preparation day has ended evaluate the bases once again.


    • Always check the clan mail, Group chat of the clan, Enemy war CC troop status before attacking your enemy. Chances are there was a change in strategy and you might ruin it if you are attacking without checking the above factors.

    • Analyse the enemy war base for possible locations of Bomb’s, Spring Traps and Hidden Teslas.

    • The Following set of images should assist you in determining the possible trap locations.

    • Battle Troop Composition: I see most people going to war with wrong troops, The prime reason why they are not able to 3star a equally matched base. First let me explain the basic roles of most commonly used TH6~TH8 Troops:

    Troops~(AC-Army Camp Size) Primary Role Weakness Spells that best suit the troops Primary Defensive Structures that you should focus on.
    1.Barbarians Tanking Meat Shield + Moderate Damage Dealer Splash Damage dealers. Mortars, Wiz towers, Enemy war CC Troops Healing Spell, Rage Spell Air Defences, Cannons, Archer towers
    2. Archers Cheap and Best Damage Dealers Splash Damage dealers. Mortars, Wiz towers, Enemy war CC Troops Healing Spell, Rage Spell Air Defences, Cannons, Archer towers
    3. Giants Pure Tankers for other troops Spring Traps, Multiple defences targetting them without any healer backup. Healing
    Wizard Towers, Mortars
    4.Goblins To bait Spring traps if the probable locations are between collectors. Can be used after most defences are down to collect resources quickly Splash Damage dealers. Mortars, Wiz towers, Enemy war CC Troops xaxaxa
    srsly ?
    5. Wall Breakers To break down walls before your Giants are dead punching mere walls. Take extra wallbreakers in war, Chances are they might die to mortar or high damage cannon fire. Splash Damage dealers. Mortars, Wiz towers, Enemy war CC Troops Rage Spell Walls primary leading to either splash damage defences or Air Defences, Depending on your stratergy
    6. Balloons Slowest and work best if AD is vulnerable, Release Giants prior to loons so Archer towers are focussed on them. ( Least Recommended ) Air Defence, Air bomb and even splash damage dealers like Wiz tower and Enemy War CC troops. Healing Spell,Rage spell, 3x Lighting spell to take out an AD Air Defences and Archer towers.
    7. Wizards High Damage dealers and relatively low health, Occupy Camp space of 4. Splash Damage dealers. Mortars, Wiz towers, Enemy war CC Troops Healing Spell Use tankers to draw fire then use these niggas to blast them outta their roots.
    8. Healer Best used after the Air Defences are down to heal a swarm of barbarians or Healer Air Defence, Air bomb and even splash damage dealers like Wiz tower and Enemy War CC troops. Rage Spell, Doubles the heal it can give to its allies. Assisting swarms of barchs and Giants after AD is down.
    9. Dragons Overpowered at TH7, Very Tanky and deal high splash damage. Although They are very slow and require funneling to properly 3star a high TH7-TH8 Base Air Defences, Take out one AD at TH7 and funnel to 3 star any TH7. TH8 bases require spot on funneling and strat to 3 star.
    • Healing Spell,Rage spell, 3x Lightning spell to take out an AD
    Funnel them and they will swipe your enemy. Never drop all your dragons at one point .

    • Find a balance between your troops, Too many Giants and you will lack damage and thus the war attack will end due to timeout. Too many Archers, barb and Wizards mean your giants will mostly die soon and thus will no longer be your tanking shields.

    • Suggested army compositions.

    TH~ Army Camp Capacity Regular Situations Situational - Spread out base Situational- Maze layout for TH6 and rotational bases for TH7-8. Situational
    6 (150) 10G - 40A - 10W - 8WB - 4B - 2 Heal Spell - CC ( Max Hogs, Wiz , Healer) 6G - 40A - 10W-8WB - 24B - 2 Heal spell 6G - 20A - 10W-8WB - 44B - 2 Heal spell- Max Minions or loons or Hogs Splash damage structures on outer periphery

    10G - 40A - 10W - 8WB - 4B - 2 Heal Spell - MAX HOGS IN WAR CC
    7 (200) 10D - 3 Lightning Spell ( Max Drag ) 8D-20A or 10A - 10 Minions - 3 Lightning spell 8D - 10W - 3 Lightning spell - Max Wizards & Minions Air Defence vulnerable or low level AD

    9D-4loon- 2 Rage spell - 1 Heal spell - Max Loons in war CC
    8 (200) 10D - 3 Lightning spell ( Max Drag or Max Loons) 8D-20A or 10A - 10 Minions - 3 Lightning spell 8D - 10W - 3 Lightning spell - Max wiz or Minions Air Defence vulnerable or low level AD

    9D-4loon- 2 Rage spell - 1 Heal spell - Max loons in war CC or Hogs

    • After you have secured a 3 star attack over the rival enemy base, Boost other attackers spirits, Even if they go wrong do not flame them, They do have a second attack left. Do not demotivate them. After the war is over discuss their mistakes and resolve the matter in private chat not in front of the whole clan.

    • If you are an experienced player, wait for your second attack always, Keep your attack as a backup incase somebody fails.

    • Keep an eye on the war end timer. Remind ppl who often forget about their attacks. Give them a few chances later on you can become strict about timings. Always arrive 1-2 Hours before the war ends if you have any attack left or incase you are the team leader. Analyze the situation: If loosing try to make your other clannies lighten their mood and later discuss faults and their reasons.


    • It is just a game, Do not flame too much or get abusive over a lost war, Build your clannies Gel with them and grow together.

    • Give respect, Take Respect.

    • Be stringent with rules. A few warnings should be your limit. Dont let others take you for granted (Leader & Co-Leaders).

    • Donate, Request and help those who aren't up to your level, Remember you were at sometime weaker and some strong base helped you out with his high level troops.

    • Arrogance & Respect do not go hand in hand, Choose your path carefully. Accept your mistakes, Makes you more Human !

    About Me:

    A newbie in Clash of Clans, Started around 2 months ago. Currently around Max TH7. I love to help people around and play together with them. Sharing Caring and warring are my favorite past times. I also love to do base designs, Play around with troop composition. Creating out of the box strategies. If you would want me to release a specific guide or help you out. Do not hesitate to send me a PM or comment here, I"ll try to get back as soon as I can.

    Thanks for Reading, I Hope it helps somebody !
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