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    Unfortunately Clash of Clans has stopped.

    On my tablet with Android 4.4.2 I think, my phone works though.
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    Yep game works on my ipod touch gen 4 ios 6.1.6 as well as my ipod gen 5 ios 8.3.x

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    My app keeps crashing.

    i cant log back in anymore, after the update it just keeps crashing.

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    Can't play anymore got the update but it just crashes

    Lolipop 5.0 on Samsung galaxy tab 4 10.1
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    I would highly recommend that everyone STOP posting in this particular thread.

    This thread was an issue from the previous update, affecting mostly iOS 6.1.6, generally lower than iOS7 were experiencing issues.

    That issue has been resolved.

    If you are having NEW PROBLEMS that came from the update that was released TODAY, post them in the appropriate thread here: which is the thread that is stickied at the very top of this subforum.

    I'm glad to hear the update fixed everyone's problems below iOS7.
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    My Nexus 7 2012 with Android 4.4.? works fine.

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    thank you so much supercell for fixing this

    p.s this is the first time I've bed able to place smily faces

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    Happy to see clash up and running again .. but i lost 10-11 million gold and elixir and that was only what i could see off the defensive reports during the 6 weeks i was off 😂😂 hopefully finding loot isnt hard
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