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Thread: Mystery Deco Package-Gift Cards:

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    Quote Originally Posted by mybluemitten View Post
    I'll just keep trying! I don't understand why the tractor is such a big deal.? At this point anyway, I don't want a big red thing on my farm. But I'll hope for better luck with turtles (or frogs) in the next mystery packages!!
    The tractor for some of "old timers" is a big thing because decorations were absolutely awful before it. Not they they aren't awful for the most part now, but to give you an idea. It was bikes, potted flowers, gnome, topiaries and a few others. When I started playing we didn't have the postman bringing thank you notes. The tractor became a goal for some of us. Or others may have had the big penny farthing bike as a goal. There is a wonderful thread in off topic. The brt quest. It might give you an idea of how it was. Here is the link:
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