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Thread: **adult lvl4 war clan aged greatness3 recruiting th5 and th6**

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    **Aged Greatness3 is recruiting Mature minded players**

    **Aged Greatness3 is recruiting Mature minded players**

    Aged Greatness3 is designed for TH5-TH8
    We have six clans in our family with over 150 members, each clan focuses on a different type of player level.
    We use Groupme to communicate between clans.
    **War search is typically Tues Thurs Sun at 8pm Eastern time.
    ***You are expected to be active during War
    ***You are expected to get 4 stars in War at least, Opting out is allowed for only 1 war, unless you talk to a co leader and let them know the reason, 40x40 wars are common, but we want 45x45 mostly.
    **Elder and co leader are earned Do not ask for it, you could be kicked for it!
    If you would like to join my clan please PM me or include the following in your forum application:

    In-game name
    Player lvl
    TH lvl
    War Stars

    Once in clan you must prove you can speak english, you must post a 3 star attack replay, and you must donate to be put in war! Above all RESPECT EVERYONE IN CLAN!

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    reply to thread

    You may post your questions and request here anytime, I will read them when i get a chance

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    Nice relaxed war clan with solid players and a good war record.

    I originally joined Aged greatness 8 months ago; I moved from AG2 to AG1 then AG3 - eventually I started my own branch and have been supplying trained members to the family for a few months now... I'm proud to say that I helped recruit - or re recruit -and train many of our current elders and co leaders. They are all friendly, talented skilled players who will do all they can to help you in the game.

    AG3 has gone through a variety of changes since it was first created... it is currently a very functional war clan with a solid team of attackers who all perform admirably in every war. I have stepped back over the past 3 weeks and they are doing very well with minimal support from Aged Greatness2 and NightmareGuild.

    Aged Greatness3 is going to be a lvl5 war clan after 2 more wars.

    The clan takes on about 5 new players per war - or less...

    Being a member of a larger family allows them access to a bigger support group; though be warned... when you are removed from one of the clans - your likely going to be removed from them all... so be sure you understand each different clans unique rules and differences...

    Here is a basic breakdown of the clans - as they are right now... This info will become out of date in the future as I don't plan to update it...

    For a more up to date version of this information - plus more info than you can possibly read in one sitting -- view my recruitment and rules thread here:

    ----------===PART V: our Partner Clans:===----------

    Our partner clans; ranks may vary but we share a combined roster of all members and people can float around between them as needed to support each other.

    Clan tag: #9JR2GQ9P
    Clan Level: 5
    Town Hall:
    3-6 (7+ on a limited basis- they should go to Aged Greatness)
    Leader: - (me)
    Co Leaders: Aurora Legend, WinterRose
    Description: Serious War clan 3 wars a week - Anyone may join but All are subjected to an interview and must agree to the rules set forth in the forums. Currently the only clan with this name (one word- not two) - Performance is tracked with a spreadsheet and NO one is allowed to opt out - 45x45 all the time. ALL ATTACKS MUST HAPPEN FAST; no one is allowed to show up late... Four hours and the war should be complete.
    Forum Recruitment thread:

    Clan tag: #YRY2YRQ2
    Clan Level: 1
    Town Hall:
    *any - this is overflow for all the clans
    Leader: - (me)
    Co Leaders: Aurora Legend, WinterRose
    Description: Farming - relaxed war (wins are not guaranteed) - opting out is allowed - Any TH level is welcome; this is overflow for players who cant war in one of the main clans for various reasons. This is a temporary stop - for upgrades and vacations. War rules are the same as the main clan - except for the four hour rule. - All attacks here must be complete within 18 hours. Anyone not done with attacks by the 6 hours remaining mark- risks being replaced.
    Forum Recruitment thread:
    (here- your reading it - no designated separate thread)

    Name: "Aged Greatness"
    Clan tag: #922PQYO
    Clan Level: 5
    Town Hall:
    (NA / closed)
    Leader: Hope (Shawn)
    Co Leaders: Ben_alt
    Description: - This is the original AG clan but after Merging with Cold September it has gone inactive. At this time it is basically closed and unused. some of the founders of Aged greatness went to cold September; others stayed with Aged Greatness.
    Forum Recruitment thread:
    http:// (there are over 20; none active at this time)
    *If you are looking for these old members you can find Cold Septembers thread over here:

    *Though I am not affiliated with them; I confess that they offer a very nice looking clan that is really different from anything we offer here. I can understand why some of the AG1 members wanted to merge with them.

    Name: "Aged Greatness2"
    Clan tag: #8VJ9UJC8
    Clan Level: 6
    Town Hall:
    7+ (only accepting th7 most times)
    Leader: - BarbarianHorde
    Co Leaders: Tyler, Jwhite, Kate, Raejin
    Description: Serious War clan 3 wars a week - Very picky about who is let in. They will reject almost everyone unless you come from one of the other clans. Only very skilled players with great bases are getting into this clan.
    Forum Recruitment thread:**Adult-LVL4-War-Clan-Aged-Greatness2-Recruiting-TH7-8!**?highlight=aged+greatness2

    Name: "Aged Greatness3"
    Clan tag: #2R0Y9CJY
    Clan Level: 3
    Town Hall:
    Leader: - WhtTiger
    Co Leaders: (Me), Thor
    Description: - 18+ Relaxed war clan; 3 wars a week on a set schedule. Players are expected to get 2 or 3 stars per attack - against comparable opponents. Mid and high level players are joined in war... Opting out is not normally allowed. 40x40 wars are common.
    Forum Recruitment thread:
    http:// none

    Name: "Aged Greatness4"
    Clan tag: #9LLRRUC2
    Clan Level: 1
    Town Hall:
    any (Closed clan not recruiting or being used)
    Leader: - Big Daddy (as Sunny Boy and Chris H)
    Co Leaders: none
    Description: - Farming - occasional war clan for kids and others who want to opt out of war.
    Forum Recruitment thread:
    http:// none

    Name: "Its Just a Game" (iJAG)
    Clan tag: #2QLU8VCY
    Clan Level: 4
    Town Hall:
    any prefers th7+
    Leader: - Big Daddy
    Co Leaders: Greg, HasanTheArab
    Description: - Farming - occasional war clan. - opting out is allowed
    Forum Recruitment thread:

    ----------===PART VI: General history of the Aged Greatness family:===----------

    If you look around the forums you will see many topics and posts made by a few players; Sikam especially - one of the core founders of the group and one of the best organizers... as well as Matt and a few others who have done much to promote the clan. These two; among others are now affiliated with another clan so their recruitment threads are out of date and are affiliated with Cold September; The original Aged Greatness merged with them -ag1, ag2, ag3 and ag4 are still in the family that I belong to. (we are not affiliated with cold september; I asked if they wanted to work with us and was told no... primarily because we dont have the name 'cold' in our title but also because they wouldn't allow our current leaders and elders to retain their ranks)

    Youtube channel: (controlled by a cold september player whos no longer in AG)

    Old web forum - inactive from before it was called Aged greatness: (controlled by a cold september player whos no longer in AG)

    Replacement website - used for a brief time before the split sent many into cold september: aka (controlled by a cold september player whos no longer in AG)

    Current website - (rarely updated though and slightly out of date)

    Originally the leaders were running a Farm clan for the original USA clan - which merged into Mega Empire. So they disbanded the clan and started a new one. (back before clan perks were a thing...) Three weeks later USA came back and the AG leaders just forgot it and kept going...

    After a while ag2 3 and 4 were created and for a short time there was harmony and success in the clan family. (almost a year) I enjoyed two months of this success as I was a recent member... Around April of 2015 some of the leaders wanted a different experience so they passed lead - and left. -- Then came back and wanted their clan returned to them... This caused some problems; there were also issues with one clan kicking a player and the other clan accepting them... basically a small rift started to appear because each clan had slightly different rules... eventually ag4 went inactive, ag2 broke off, ag3 was all but abandoned when ag1 merged with Cold September.

    AG2 continued to go strong; they merged with Its Just a Game - using that clan as a feeder...

    I was an elder in Aged Greatness for a few months when I was asked to help run AGfeeder - after the break up I decided to create my own clan - NightmareGuild - a low level th 3 to 6 clan with the intention of feeding th7+ players to the AG family.

    AG3's lead was passed to WhtTiger as all the others left; I have kept an eye on things and noticed this happen within hours... I helped Tiger to bring AG3 back into the family and am proud to say it is now doing very well with a new set of core members and a new co leader.

    Since Aged Greatness (the original clan) is not likely going to come back into the family; our leaders made a new Aged Greatness1 to take its place.

    Aged Greatness4 is not lost completely; the device it was on was lost and we are awaiting supercell's recovery assistance before that clan can be used again.

    Defunt/Disbanded/Deleted clans in the AG family:

    AGFeeder - short lived feeder to ag1 after the ag1 and ag2 leaders went seperate ways. AG2 became their own standalone war clan and ag1 began to contemplate merging with Cold September. Once the merge happened they disbanded the feeder.

    AGMisfits - short lived clan designed for small wars with only certain members in a high level war clan setting. Too many leaders left and those running AGMisfits had to return to the main clan to provide support.
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    Rules, ranks and other info...

    Each clan has its own rules and ranks that are slightly different from each other.

    AG3 was jump started a few months ago by an infusion of members transferred in from NightmareGuild. 75% of their members were nightmare members who came to help recruit and get things going... some decided to stay permenantly... as we recruited new players we were using Nightmares rules for quite a few weeks... Eventually we promoted one of the Nightmare elders into a Co lead position (Thor)- about six weeks later two other veteran elders had earned Co lead rank... (Mee and Yogi)

    I'm happy to say that they no longer rely on me for their daily functions and war management; with their new leaders they are modifying the way that they promote and they are doing a really good job of maintaining clan membership at a close to full level at all times.

    If you are a new member of the clan - looking for guidance on how to earn a promotion; I suggest you browse my nightmare rules... They are really overly detailed and cover all types of skills that an elder should have - and many skills that a Co leader should have. My list is very long; and I'm sure if you have managed to complete all the items on that list you will have earned Elder rank in AG3. In fact - my list is so long that you will have likely earned elder in AG3 much faster...

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    a few changes this post

    I made a few changes to this post, so I hope they take affect soon!

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    Bump. Looking for active non-rushed TH5 and 6.

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    looking for TH5 and TH6

    Looking for non-rushed TH5 and TH6 only for my clan. Look us up in the game under Aged Greatness3 please put in request you are from supercell forum Thank you

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