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Thread: **adult lvl4 war clan aged greatness3 recruiting th5 and th6**

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    **Aged Greatness3 is recruiting Mature minded players**

    **Aged Greatness3 is recruiting Mature minded players**

    Aged Greatness3 is designed for TH5-TH8
    We have six clans in our family with over 150 members, each clan focuses on a different type of player level.
    We use Groupme to communicate between clans.
    **War search is typically Tues Thurs Sun at 8pm Eastern time.
    ***You are expected to be active during War
    ***You are expected to get 4 stars in War at least, Opting out is allowed for only 1 war, unless you talk to a co leader and let them know the reason, 40x40 wars are common, but we want 45x45 mostly.
    **Elder and co leader are earned Do not ask for it, you could be kicked for it!
    If you would like to join my clan please PM me or include the following in your forum application:

    In-game name
    Player lvl
    TH lvl
    War Stars

    Once in clan you must prove you can speak english, you must post a 3 star attack replay, and you must donate to be put in war! Above all RESPECT EVERYONE IN CLAN!

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