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    1, red flower missing
    2, reed head missing
    3, lily pad missing
    4, shadow added
    5, fish shadow missing
    6, door knob missing
    7, green reed around rotated
    8, smoke bubble missing
    9, rock weight missing
    10, small stone missing

    MommaD's Farm

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    This is my solution

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    crack on the roof
    smoke from the cigar pipe
    missing fish net float
    stone on the path/trail
    green pole on the water (near the wodden barrel)
    missing lotus flower
    (reflection of) fish on the water
    missing flower of a swamp grass
    missing mushroom
    missing door knob

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    Sorry for my bad english :-)

    1- the plant under the word,2- the shadows of bird under the word, 3- One mushroom, 4-the handl on the door, 5- one plants turn on right, 6- the smooke of pipe, 7- buoy on the net, 8- the flower on the left, 9- One stripes on the roof, 10- One shadows to fish under the pike.... :-)

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    spot 10 differences

    first picture: 1.Water lily on the lower left;
    2.Beside the water lily is a shadow of a fish;
    3.There are four mushrooms;
    4.In water there is a plant that does not have the top orange;
    5.The smoke of the pipe has another smoke ball;
    6.Missing a door handle on the door
    7.Missing a ball in the fishing net
    8.Missing a shadow of a fish beside the lily

    PS: I can't find any more difference! Best Regards from Portugal!

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    Lightbulb Ed

    1- smoke cloud
    2- 4 mushrooms
    3- door knob
    4- fish shadow
    5- bird shadow
    6- water bamboo
    7- fishing net
    8- water flower ( white )
    9- hut rooftop cracked plank
    10- 4 water wheat liked plants

    i hope I get the right words so u can figure it ... If I can post a pic would be easier... Anyway ... Thanks for alternate challenge .. I'm exhausted of counting things..

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    Spot the difference

    1. Mushrooms at the top.
    2. Top left reeds.
    3. Bubble in pipe.
    4. Lilly pad flowers in water.
    5. Fish shadow gone.
    6. Extra small shadow
    7. Door knob
    8. Bottom of net on lure table
    9. Tiny stone on path 5th one up from the bottom
    10. Spashes

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