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Thread: since maintenance this AM the babies roam everywhere

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    Ahhh okay! I thought that was an interesting change this morning, haha

    By the way, am *dying* at the humour in this! ♥♥♥♥
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    Double fence

    I put double fencing up for my pets. They still got out! Help. Any suggestions? Its not like I want them in one spot in particular, but they are mobbed around the mailbox and in the road. Makes me ill when it looks like the truck is running them over and they walk thru the machines. Gross. Plus to get to the mailbox I have to tap everyone out of the way. Frustrating. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    CHAOS in my Shangri-La!!

    SuperCell, how can you so cruelly disrupt my escapism??? First I am forced to cope with constant crashes since the summer update, which has crippled my ability to farm. On top of this, you add the not-so-subtle diamond grab with the rigged derbies. Now, in the unkindest cut of all, you create pandemonium with my beloved pets! Since I refuse to jeopardize their welfare I am now the unhappy owner of Rip Van Winkle, Snoopy Van Winkle, Toronado Van Winkle, and a whole bunch of other Van Winkles. I would rather let my critters sleep for 99 years than have them running unattended in the roads.

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    I really wish SC would add a barn so we can store all the pets inside, i find their 'homes' to take up so much space plus it would be nice if they just stayed contained inside a barn

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    Quote Originally Posted by LadyJEM5 View Post
    Dear SC,

    I am forwarding the enclosed itemized bills & insurance claims for your attention.

    Dr. Annie Mal - $6,742 - Vet care for 1 horse, 1 donkey, 2 dogs, 3 cats, 3 rabbits for injuries sustained from collisions with trucks, scooters, & bicycles, burns from soup kitchens, bread & pie ovens, smelters, & assorted cuts & abrasions from sushi & salad bars & splinters from fences.

    Dr. G.P. Meddic - $4,358* - Physician care for Tom Farmboy for injuries sustained from being trampled by 1 horse, 1 donkey, 2 dogs, 3 cats & 3 rabbits. * This figure may rise in the future as he now complains of excessive fatigue & the need to sleep for long stretches which may require further treatment by a specialist.

    Tom Farmboy - $10,000,000 - Figure sought in disability lawsuit filed for loss of wages, earning power, physical & mental distress incurred as a result of being trampled by 1 horse, 1 donkey, 2 dogs, 3 cats, 3 rabbits.

    Red's Wrecker Service - $2,861 - Farm truck repairs for dents, broken glass, replacement parts & repainting resulting from damage incurred from aforementioned farm animals. (Deductible met previously this quarter after near collision at intersection with WOF truck & Alfred Postman. The dry cleaning bill for 1 official postal uniform, 1 gypsy outfit & 1 pair of farm overalls, plus vehicle interior clean up & detailing topped $500.)

    Fred's Fix-it Fast Shoppe - $324,953 - Repairs to assorted production machinery damaged by aforementioned farm animals. (This is a bargain, considering the cost of some of the machines new.)

    Sink's Cargo Boat Line, INC. - $7,564 - Lost containers of goods incurred when said animals charged boat dock upon arrival & terrified workers inadvertently dumped cargo in the river while fleeing in fear for life & limb. (Apparently, they had already heard about Tom.)

    Hedge Row Hills - $ as yet undetermined, but will certainly include damaged landscaping; lost income from machines needing repair & livestock being so traumatized they no longer lay eggs, produce milk, give bacon or wool, but merely lay about moaning, shivering or fainting into listless heaps from fear of having their designated space invaded by formerly friendly & benign farm mates; reimbursement for fencing which no longer performs its advertised function; distress; aggravation; & general nuisance.

    Please remit within 10 days.


    Hedge Row Hills Management

    PS...I've been informed this may not be an isolated incident & as such, may be a case for class actionable litigation. My attorneys, Dewey, Beatem, & Howe, will be in touch.

    I've just been notified by the local health authorities that my certification for sanitary practices is seriously at risk if they find any more evidence of the critters (primarily horses and donkeys) have been frolicking in the food production areas. In other words, they are threatening to shut my operation down! So I will be adding my farm Stercus Accidit to the class action lawsuit for loss of livelihood.
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    Trees, most of the larger animals seem to be reluctant to break through a fence if it is in front of a line of trees

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    Thanks to Red (again) for the picture !!

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    I'm sorry to everyone whose horse I have bopped on the head trying to get to the mailbox on their farm.
    And I guess some dogs and cats too.
    Mostly it's that tall horses that seem to hover around the mailbox.
    Are they waiting for mail from Mr Ed?

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    My little piggies waiting for me to get them their steam bath get first stomped by donkeys and horses. I can hear then "squeal" "save us" "squeal" because they are so full they can not even move to escape the horses and donkeys.
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    I posted this complaint to the other thread, but my animals are not having a roaming issue, necessarily, but a DRIVEWAY issue. They STILL will not move!! How am I supposed to send out any trucks?! lol. Plus they look so...silly?

    Please allow a new screenshot taken this morning to demonstrate:


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    Crustaceans in disguise...

    I wouldn't mind the pets roaming if they had a more naturalistic way of moving. Right now, they remind of me crabs scurrying across a beach. They follow perfectly straight routes with their legs rotating laterally. Very little up-down bobbing movement. It's a little creepy.
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