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    Smile Clash Off Winner

    Clashers, we have our winner! Sandalhat, we salute you!! Thank you, and everybody, who participated in the Clash Off

    Quote Originally Posted by Sandalhat View Post
    Day 47

    Everything looks different. The village no longer look calm and peaceful. Instead, danger lurks around every corner, within our own village, protecting the resources at the expense of villagers' safety. Just this morning, i burnt the edge of my dress trying to jump over those fiery walls.

    As usual, i spent most of the day in the clan castle with Nightfly. Nightfly had been here for 3 weeks already, the longest any troop has ever stayed in our clan castle. He had become the guardian of our village. But i worry, his battle scars are not healing as fast as they used too.

    Suddenly, as the last ray of sunlight faded away, i heard them. Those giggles can never be mistaken. Nightfly heard it too, and with a deafening roar, he took the sky. I watched him as his fiery eyes scanned for those dreaded minions.

    As the horde of minions materialized in the night sky, i couldn't believe my eyes. There were close to hundred of them, and i know Nightfly doesn't stand a chance. Showing no fear, Nightfly flew into the swarm of night terrors, grilling every single one in his path, sweeping the remainder with his strong tail.

    The pesky minions showed no sign of giving up, throwing their attacks at the huge body of Nightfly, taking as much life from him as they can. Fueled with pain and anger, Nightfly focused his strength on his final attack, The Inferno. Inhaling with all his might, he gathered the flames from every source in the village, and like a flash, he dive towards the remaining swarm of minions, exhaling with a huge roar.

    It was done, every single minion was annihalated. With whatever is left in him, Nightfly retreated towards the Clan Castle. I looked at him with full admiration, hoping that he understands my gratitude.

    Then it happened. As Nightfly flew pass the Dark Elixir Storage, the clouds began to shift, and with full ferocity, 4 bolts of lightning struck towards the storage, piercing through Nightfly. He looked at me before his fiery eyes lost its glow, and turned white.

    Tonight, i lost yet another friend.

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    sadal get a life lol why do you even bother writing that long a message? i found the chance of winning too small and i can't get why you bothered?

    edit: congrats btw, that was well done

    edit2: notice how its known forum members winning the clash offs? haha

    edit3: yes im gonna continue to edit random stuff in here

    edit4: just wanted you to know im still alive and as awesome as ever
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    i suppose it would serve no purpose to inform you that im awesome

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    Thank you SC!

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    Behind you!
    Ahhhh man... could you please just give the top 2-10 100 gems as well or something.... a lot of people put a lot of effort into this but there is just a 0,00000001% they win - like me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandalhat View Post

    Thank you SC!
    Awesome entry!!! Thank you, sir

    P.S: Check your PMs

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    WELL DONE!! Congrats, that was awesome!
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    But what did you think about my post( page 24)
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    That was beautiful..*sniff*
    Seriously awesome story of a dragon
    Sad ending...falling due to lightning
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    Loved your entry, sandalhat! You deserve every one of those gems

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