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Thread: Regulators [Level 5]

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    Regulators [Level 5]

    Clan Name: Regulators (#2Y2CPGVR)
    Clan Level: 5
    Type of Clan: War & Farming
    War Record: 153 Wins 28 Defeats 3 Draws
    Members: 30
    War Frequency: Always
    Chat & Donation: Active
    Location: International
    Required to Use: ClashCaller

    Basic Skills: Reading a base, Luring/Killing enemy's CC troops, Funneling, Pathing, and how to Kill Squad. Modders not welcome

    TH8: BK: Lvl 5+ | War Hero: 200+ Stars
    TH9: BK & AQ: Lvl 10+/10+| War Hero: 300+ Stars
    TH10: BK & AQ: Lvl 20+/20+ | War Hero: 350+ Stars

    If you would like to join us please mention that I saw Danny post on supercell forums in your request or else your request will be rejected. Please be ready to tell us what army composition you use in war and show us your war base.

    Thank you.
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