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Thread: Previous Clans Window (with picture)

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    Previous Clans Window (with picture)

    Hello everyone, my idea is to add a little window into each player's profile to show his previous clans and how much time they stayed on them. This would help a lot all those people that are trying to make a nice clan without "join'nleave" players.
    Would be nice to see more infos about the player by pressing the 3 dots button (for example how many stars he made for his old clan, how many troops he donated-recieved and what was his grande before his exit) ("Clan War Battles" means "attacks done on war").

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    This would be actually pretty good. Would discourage troll hoppers...

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    Nice picture, nice idea.

    I like it!
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    That's a nice addition.

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    Great idea...hoppers are a big problem

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    Nice idea. Would be simple to implement and doesn't take up much profile space.

    I recommend quoting everyone's feedback and snipping it to make your thread a little more convicing. (Check one of my idea threads for what I mean).

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    I like the idea. Simple and tells exactly how much we need to know about each new member.
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    Really a great idea Godog!!!i really hope supercell take a view on this thread and approve your idea!great job..what is the use of the 3 dots down in the window?

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    Nice idea✊

    That sounds great.. Clan hoppers are a pain to who wants to create a serious clan...With this window in the profile this problem can be avoided.

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    Great idea Godog!This way clan hoppers can be better identified!Clan hoppers are a pain for those who want to grow up a serious and solid clan!
    I really hope Supercells takes care of your proposal man!
    Good game bro!

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