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Thread: Official Thread for New Clash of Clans based Gaming Channel - JuDo SloTh89

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    Official Thread for New Clash of Clans based Gaming Channel - JuDo SloTh89

    Official Thread for Judo Sloth - Clash of Clans YouTube Channel

    Video of the Week: When to use the Grand Wardens Ability!

    Channel Introduction

    Channel Aim:

    The purpose of my channel is to produce easy to watch videos that are both entertaining and educational. You will find a variety of content through different Town Hall levels and skill set, from beginners right up to advanced gameplay. Strategy guides, tips and tricks, war attacks, farming and just plain entertaining videos - you'll find them all on my channel.



    Attack Strategy Guides
    TH8 GoVaHo
    TH8 HGHB
    TH8 Dragons and Hogs
    TH8 DragLoon
    TH9 GoBoLaLoon
    TH10 BD DragLoon
    TH10 - How To Mass Dragon
    TH10 - The 7 Golem Attack
    TH10 Quatro-Lavaloonion Attack Strategy Guide - Anti 3 Star Bases
    TH10 vs TH11 - VABY DRAG
    TH11 - BoWiVa

    Attack Strategies - Brief Tutorials
    BD DragLoon - TH10 vs TH11
    TH10 vs TH11 Dragon Attacks
    TH9 Anti 3 Star Base - GoVaHo with Queen Walk/Charge
    Mass 7 Golem Attack Strategy Vs Max TH10 Bases
    How To GoVaHo at Town Hall 8
    Attacking TH9s as a TH8 - GoWiPe/GoVaPe
    Attack TH10+ as a TH8 - 1 Star Strategy
    GoVaLo or GoVaHo at TH8

    Attacking Basics
    How To Funnel Troops
    Take out Clan Castle Troops


    Quick Tips
    #1 - Lure CC during Queen Walk
    #2 - Poison Spells DO Stack
    #3 - How to use the Skeleton Spell
    #4 - Skeleton Spells vs Town Hall
    #5 - Do Poison Spells affect Heroes?

    Ana lysing Attacks
    #1 - TH10 GoVaHo with Queen Walk
    #2 - TH8 GoVaHo Anti 3 Star Base
    #3 - Near Max TH10 GoVaHo with Queen Walk
    #4 - TH8 GoHo Attack Strategy
    #5 - TH10 Mass Bowler
    #6 - Max TH10 Queen Walk GoVaHo
    #7 - Max TH8 Dragon and Hog
    #8 - TH8 Anti-3 Star Dragon and Hog

    Beginner Series
    How To Start Clash of Clans
    TH3 and Barch Strategy

    Pushing to Titan Series
    Episode 1 - The Road to New Titans League
    Episode 2 - High Level Champion Gameplay/Attacks
    Episode 3 - 4000 Trophies
    Episode 4 - Almost A Titan
    Episode 5 - TITAN ACHIEVED!
    Episode 6 - Titan League Attacks/Gameplay
    Episode 7 - Hitting The Leaderboards!
    Episode 8 - On Route to Titan 2
    Episode 9 - Top 150 on Leaderboards!
    Episode 10 - Almost A Titan 2
    Episode 11 - FINALE - Top 100 on Leaderboards!


    Farming Strategies

    GiBarch Farming Strategy Guide - TH10 Farming
    Low Trophy Goblin Strategy at TH10
    1 Gem Boost Farming Strategy
    Balloon Minion Farming


    Troop Vs Troop Challenge
    Baby Dragons vs Dragons
    Miners vs Hog Riders
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    Featured Videos:-

    Ground vs Air Official Livestream - Judo Sloth Attacks Analysed:

    How To Funnel Troops - Attack Strategy Basics

    Team Loon vs Team Witch - Halloween Forum Event

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    Latest Video:- 19/8/15

    Attack Strategy Guides In Under 3 Minutes - Mass Witch

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    Latest Video:- 13/9/15

    270 GOBLIN WAR ATTACK! TH10 Raid - 100 Subs Special

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    Latest Video:- 25/9/15

    Titan 2 to Unranked Challenge and Giveaway

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