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    Nordic Clash tournament has started!

    Nordic Clash livestream on August 23rd!!

    The winner will represent Nordic Countries in Seoul on September 24th!

    The tournament has two phases: in-game clan trophy push and a live Clan War challenge at Supercell HQ in Helsinki, Finland.

    Phase 1
    August 1st – August 8th

    Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland will start their epic battle on Global top clan list. Each country gathers their best players into one clan and go head to head with other Nordic clans. Follow their progress on clan leaderboards: NORDIC SWEDEN, NORDIC NORWAY, NORDIC DENMARK and NORDIC FINLAND.

    The scores are checked on August 8th to see clan rankings from 1st to 4th and then each country will send their top ten players to Supercell HQ for a Clan War tournament.

    #1 Norway
    #2 Sweden
    #3 Finland
    #4 Denmark

    Phase 2
    August 23rd at 2.30 – 5pm GMT

    The Clan War tournament will happen on Supercell’s development servers, at Supercell HQ, and the entire thing will be livestreamed!

    Nordic Clash livestream on August 23rd at 2.30 – 5pm GMT

    Nordic Clash livestream will have two parts: semifinals and final. Semifinal opponents: Norway vs. Denmark and Sweden vs. Finland. Winner of each semifinal war will go to the final

    Introducing Denmark

    Introducing Norway

    Introducing Sweden

    Introducing Finland

    Nordic Clash livestream from Supercell HQ will be hosted by Chief Pat, Galadon, Molt and Nickatnyte! Join us and the best Nordic Players for an epic battle of the North!!!

    Clash On!

    P.S: As mentioned above, the winning clan will represent Nordic countries in Seoul, South Korea, on September 24th. Stay tuned!!


    CONGRATS Sweden, the winner of Nordic Clash 2015!!!

    Watch the full livestream here:

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    Cool! It's good to see of these!
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    Sounds awesome!
    EDIT: Just watched the whole 2 hour thing on youtube. Can't wait to see the tournament in Seoul!
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    Let the fun begin


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    I bet clan war tournament will be #2starWinWars😝

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    Wonder who wins???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Micheallo View Post
    Wonder who wins???
    Exactly!! We're meeting all Nordic clans next week, so we might have some inside info coming soon

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    Gonna do our best...

    Good luck to all
    Best Regards
    FINLANDIA, Leader

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    On my lovely base <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesFromFinlandia View Post
    Gonna do our best...

    Good luck to all
    Great to have someone from the NORDIC FINLAND here! It's going to be pretty much maxed out TH10 wars, so even one 3-star attack might make the difference between victory and defeat Can you give us any tips about your strategy?

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