DID YOU KNOW: Although a Clash village lives on the server, the ability to control/access your village lives on files on your device.

If you created a village, and are not attached to GC/G+, and your device is: Broken, lost, stolen, reset or on Android, you uninstall the game, or reset data - YOU LOSE THE ABILITY TO PLAY YOUR VILLAGE.

If you have attached to Google+ or Gamecenter, you can recover access to your village after any of the above scenarios, simply by logging back into your GC/G+ and launching Clash.
I know thousands of folks lose their village each week because they are not attached, and as a result, support now has weeks of backlog to help these folks.

Linking to Facebook is NOT a recovery method - it is simply to bring Facebook friends into the game!

Between the in-game FAQ, start-up tips, and numerous posts on the forum and social media sites, most folks asking for help recovering their lost village simply say they didn't know.

So... if this post helps just one person avoid losing their village and weeks of downtime waiting for support to help them out, it did the job.