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Thread: If ClashCon was in the US would you pay $109.22

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    If ClashCon was in the US would you pay $109.22

    ...For the ticket?

    Clashers will receive a days' worth of full access to ClashCon. On top of entering the Clash Universe,
    tickets include food & beverages, epic Clash loot, meet and greets with top Youtubers and Clans, Clash
    workshops, contests and much, much more! -Exact event hours will be announced later-

    I would, not bad at all....

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    LOL at any dork that goes to this.

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    Are these one of these events that people dress up as their favorite character? I would have a blast, I thing it would be ridiculously funny to see these folks in action.

    Regarding meeting YouTubers?? That is definitely not a draw for me, and I think most people.

    So at $100+, you won't see me there. I would rather spend the money filling up my boat. lol.

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    pay 109 to see other people play? no thanks

    I would if i had the chance to try out a big updatate (example TH11) before the rest of the world did.

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    In a heartbeat

    $110 USD? Yeah buddy, sign me up. But I've been addicted to this game for almost 2 years now.
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    No way! Actually we will be having a nationwide tournament here in Philippines with 2million peso more or less 45k om dollars. I think the organizer is planning to bring supercell and some known youtubers. Its way better than clashcon.

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    Probably would if it wasn't during October. I can never get away for a weekend in the fall anyway. But yes I would pay $110 for a US clashcon.
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    Yea, I'd pay $100 for a ClashCon, especially if they try to make it as fun and energetic as Comic Con.
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    100 usd for a day pass. Thats extreme ..... I hope it comes with board and lodging.


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    What would you get out of it besides meeting people who can tell you the same thing online? And seeing things you can any where else?

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