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Thread: Reporting Posts... How YOU Can Make A Difference!

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    Talking Reporting Posts... How YOU Can Make A Difference!

    Although we try our best, moderators simply can't be everywhere at once, and that's where you can help

    If you see a post that breaks the forum rules, please report it by clicking the small triangle at the bottom left of the offending post.

    Reasons for reporting include: Spam, inappropriate language or pictures, insulting/offensive comments, duplicate posts or threads, posts in the wrong sub forum and ruled out ideas.

    Thank you to all the people who already help us by using this tool, and a huge thank you to everyone who helps out in the future. We really appreciate it

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    Reporting Posts... How YOU Can Make A Difference!

    All credit for this goes to Meo.

    As we are all aware, the Spam Bots have gotten out of control recently. And while Moderator's are good, they are still unpaid volunteers with real lives, just like the rest of us.

    We have got confirmation they are looking for solutions as seen here:
    Quote Originally Posted by Daddy View Post
    Sorry about the spam folks, I know it's annoying Nick our in house forum admin is trying a few new things but they are clever.
    And contrary to popular belief, they are not here trying to get customers, they are here to boost their rankings on google.
    Quote Originally Posted by Daddy View Post
    It's all about the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is a busy forum indexed by google, they aren't trying to sell their services here, they are trying to push their google search ranking up.
    But, for the mean time, we are left with spam everywhere. So what can we do to help? Almost everyone is aware of the report function, but not everyone uses it as effectively as possible. Currently, Moderators are getting scattered reports, one might be the Spam Bots 11th thread, one the 88th thread and one the 2nd thread. This is a problem, because they have to go hunting and sorting through all these different threads to delete them manually. However, they have a handy little tool that allows them to ban and delete everything made by someone, but because they are getting scattered reports, this is useless to them. We can make it easier for them by following this simple tutorial:

    1). Click on the Spam Bots username as shown.

    2). Click on the Spam Bots latest started threads as shown.

    3). Scroll to the bottom to find the first thread they created, then click on it.

    4). Click the little triangle with an exclamation mark to report the thread.

    5). Write why you are reporting the thread, and press send.

    Keep up the good work, Mods. Thanks for your time, effort and patience.


    • You do not need to reply to the threads. (Common replies include: "INB4BAN", "STOP SPAMMING!", "REPORTED" e.c.t.) All this does is bump them up and keep them up.
    • You do not need to make a new thread saying, "Mods come online!" or "The spammers are back!"
    • You do not need to report more than one thread per spammer username.
    • Creating threads about this topic may result in an infraction, as it is techincally creating duplicate threads.
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