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    Invictus Family♚Invictus Nobles♚☠♚Serious Wars|Hardcore Farming|Insane Donations♚


    Level 11 Clan

    Check us out on the clash of clans website. Click here.

    Clan Tag - #PPGP2RPR

    Invictus Nobles is a clan for Townhall 9s and 10s.
    The clan was born out of popular demand by lower level players who did not meet the requirements,
    however the clan quickly rose in requirements because of such a large pool of players who joined.

    So, a little about the Invictus Family.
    Invictus means "unconquerable" or "unbeaten" in Latin.
    We were the feeder clans of the Farming Kings family of clans.

    For Extensive Family/Clan History Details, Click Here.

    Invictus Family Allegiances, Click Here.

    We have decided to strike out on our own and we are looking for high-level farmers who are extremely active.
    And more specifically, some info about Nobles.

    Leader: M€D!C, Level 156
    Invictus Nobles is a clan for Townhall 9s and 10s. Nobles does continuous optional wars throughout the season.


    Level 100+

    Townhall 9 - 300 million Gold Grab, 100% Skull Walls, Combined Level 30 Heroes

    Townhall 10 - 450 million Gold Grab, 100% Legos, Combined Level 40 Heroes

    Request and Donate 4000 troops each per season (28days).

    Clan Rules:

    1. Donate only what is requested by clan members. Carefully read their request.

    2. For the guests donate what is asked by them or archers, wizards or minions as default.

    3. Do NOT donate giants, gobs, wall breakers, barbs unless specifically requested. Even if it says "any", do not give these.

    4. Be active: Donate & request 4K troops per season (28days)

    5. All wars are OPTIONAL, but you must opt in or out. BOTH heroes must be available when participating in war.

    6. In war attacks an appropriate war army must be used. Do not use a strategy which is unacceptable or a farming composition. We take our wars seriously.

    7. Visiting old friends or past clans is allowed on the last day of each season. Make sure you are back by season reset though.

    Downloading LINE(Free messaging App) is preferred. All our family clans communicates via this App ONLY.

    NOTE - This clan farms and even donates troops to guests. (Popularly known as hoppers).

    How to Apply:

    FORM :

    IGN -
    Townhall Level -
    Level -
    Wall Levels -
    Gold Grab -
    Hero Levels -

    If You Meet All Requirements - Use above FORM and Post on this thread And ONLY THEN apply In-Game.
    If You Do Not Meet One Or More Requirement(s) – Post Here And
    AWAIT for a response.

    - Thank You -

    In case we are full, which we usually are then we will have you in our waiting list.

    Thank you for reading, if you have any queries. Just ask on the thread itself.


    Current News.

    Level 10 Achieved, 16th Aug, 2016.

    See the %.

    We like to keep it close

    Old News.


    Achieved on 22nd April, 2016.


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    Invictus Nobles - *Recruitment Thread*

    Woohoo! Go nobles!
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    Quote Originally Posted by yukixkyo View Post
    May I join as a new th 9?
    I am lvl74 with a gold grab of 240m and elixir grab of 192m. My HH is currently 332k.
    Sure, request in game.

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    Good luck lach! Ill stop by for a visit sometime

    Quote Originally Posted by Ali7861 View Post
    Lesson learned: Never shoot a hamster
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    Strongly recommend TH 1.5. Don't build your cannon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ztb29 View Post
    Good luck lach! Ill stop by for a visit sometime

    Yay! Would be good to see you

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheGreatLach View Post

    Yay! Would be good to see you
    How about me?

    Want to see me... *sad face..


    - dinner

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dinner07 View Post
    How about me?

    Want to see me... *sad face..


    - dinner
    Of course. Hurry up.

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    bump!! excited to meet the new generation of Invictus!!!! Cant wait to make a proper video for our new clan keep it up !!!!

    Thanks for the sig TerMinus Prime
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    Invictus Nobles -- Up and Running

    Invictus Nobles has only been up for a day but they are almost full.

    Apply in-game if you meet the requirements --- hurry up or you may not get in!!

    Designed by DragonX101
    IGN: Calico Tora - Leader
    Invictus Kings - Level 16 - #8GQVGYJY


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    Lach are you mainly in Invictus Kings or do you often jump between all Invictus clans?

    Im eligible for Nobles and ill be eligible for Titans in around a month or two (If I try-hard). Here are my stats:

    Lvl 7 walls
    around 212m GG
    Level 102
    Lvl 16 combined heroes (current priority is to upgrade them)

    Then I should be fine with donations and activity. Wanted to know if I could join Nobles now or If i should wait a few months on Titans (of course when I can fairly get an open spot)
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    Congratulations, you've won the "new thing to complain about" award for today.

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