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Thread: Cannot Sign In to Google Play from Clash of Clans

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    Quote Originally Posted by pawnografik View Post
    I'm trying to use Google Play to back up my village (an advanced TH9).

    In CoC game I go to the settings tab.
    I press the <Google Play Sign In> button.
    A radio selection box asks me which Google + account to use.
    I select one.
    Welcome 'Pawnografik' appears on the floating Google Play box. It seems like it has worked.
    But in the settings tab the <Google Play Sign In> remains red and continues to say 'Disconnected'.

    I can't the <Google Play Sign In> to go green and say 'Connected'. Which, I assume, means I can't back up my village.

    What is wrong? I have tried creating new Google accounts to use and I have successfully executed these steps on another device. I have 'Play Games' and Google+ apps successfully installed on the android device.

    Please help.
    So, you open Google play games. You go to settings and make sure "automatically sign into games" It should sign you right in (:

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    I know how to solve it. All you have done is you would have requested supercell to change your email to something else and that other email would have been connected to another account so what you have to do is just contact supercell. They will ask you questions like when did you create it and to what gmail is it connected and etc. If you give correct answers then it will be your account again that's how I got my th8 account.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Saleh47 View Post
    Go Application Manager. Search for google play services and clear data/cache. Then try signing in. Also check you got the latest version of google play service & clash of clans.
    Dear Saleh47,

    Your solution worked for me. Many thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juluarisa View Post

    You just replied to an old post.. the problems must have be solved by now..
    But, your concern is appreciable..
    Quote Originally Posted by Sammy Under A Mistletoe View Post
    He was scum in the last game and was MvP as well.
    His performances so far in 2-3 other TvMs as town has been applauded by most, if not all.
    He is Raja with a bonafide applaudable track record thus far.
    In a nutshell, Raja has been hailed as a credible and strong player so far.
    - Sammy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iammgeoo View Post
    So, you open Google play games. You go to settings and make sure "automatically sign into games" It should sign you right in (:
    This worked for me,:-) Thanks

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