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Thread: New dark troops: Lightning bird, knight, shadow wraith, whing rider

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    New dark troops: Lightning Bird, Knight, Shadow Wraith, Dragonling Rider

    The lighting bird resembles a large eagle like bird made of electricity. It has a large amount of health, and blasts bolts of lighting down onto buildings which then zaps builds nearby like a chain reaction. Houseing space 35 Offense strategy: They dont dish out much damage, but the lighting hits the surrounding buildings to, so they can hit many buildings at once. They are good at killing many clan castle troops at,once if they are all touching. Defensive staregy: Place air defenses inrange and dont keep your best buildings touching

    knights are tough like giants with a sharp sword as well. They ride on horses, which cannot leep over walls like hogs, but run very fast. Houseing space 10. They target clan castle troops, giving 2 damage.

    Shadow wraiths have low health, do medium damage, but have a sneaky skill. They are invisible to all defenses and enemy troops when running. When attack they can be spotted. They are immune to traps. Houseing space: 3. Offensive strategy, get hords of them and attack motors, also they can be used as trapsweepers. Defensive staregy, Use motors to mow down the large groups like u would for barbs and arches, but dont let them get too close.

    The whing rider has the best ability ever, he egnores the red zone. Tap anyware, and the Whing will fly over and the rider will jump out to fight. The Whing can however be shot down before droping off the rider, but it takez a lot High HP and DPS. Houseing space 50 Offense strategy: Drop at the deadly spot to clear out the dangerous stuff. Defensive staregy, try to take it out before it drops the rider
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