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Thread: New DE troop: The Sky Fish

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    New DE troop: The Sky Fish

    Now, as the last 2 DE troops we have gotten have been tanks, I think its time for a dragon like troop. Fast, hits hard, and decently high health. My idea...

    A Sky Shark

    II. General idea Picture
    III. Stats (Word form)
    IV. Stats (Table)
    V. Offensive strategy
    VI. Defensive strategy
    VII. Disclaimer

    Once upon a time, Chief Bob was trying to gain trophies. To stop from losing trophies, he placed his DE storage outside of his base, right next to the ocean. As hoped, Bob saw a P.E.K.K.A. come straight from the woods, and charge the DE. The P.E.K.K.A. slammed her mighty sword into the storage, spilling the precious liquid everywhere. The P.E.K.K.A. then gathered its bounty, and retreated.
    Bob thought the raid was over, but unknown to him, some of the precious DE split down the hill, and into the ocean. The DE than sank down, where it surrounded a shark. The shark than grew rapidly, growing so large it could no longer live in its former cove. Enraged with what had become of him, the
    shark leaped from the air, to eat at a dragon flying overhead. The shark then realized that it, rather than returning to the ocean, it stayed midair, suspended in flight. Now able to move faster than ever before, the shark flew back to its former home.
    However, upon seeing this flying beast charging his town, he ordered his archers, who had once again taken there place around the ocean, to fire. The shark screamed in pain as the first arrow pierced his skin. However, the screech, rather than emitting sound, created a bubble around him. The following arrows were not as effective as they tried to pierce the bubble. Now protected by his shield, he laid waste to chief Bob's base. Members of Bob's clan found him in the ruins of his base the next day. Bob's right hand man, Jeff asked what had done this to him, and bob replied, "Twas a sky shark!" Before passing on.
    This sky shark was then hunted for ages, until the Clan's new leader took it down. Rather than kill it though, the leader trained it. The sky shark now leads the army he is in to victory, while also protecting those around him.

    Air shark.jpg <--- Clickity click click

    For anyone who DOESN'T like reading a paragraph, Below is a table of what I'm about to say. Now,The sky shark would take about 25 troop space, speed a bit lower than a goblin, health lower than a dragon, damage between a dragon and a P.E.K.K.A, and would cost about 500. Training time 50-55 min, range would be about 0.4 Attack speed is about 2 seconds. Once the shark takes damage, it would create a bubble shield around it, and all troops nearby. This takes about 1 second to form. This shied would reduce damage by 30%, and would disappear once either A, the shark dies, B, after the shark is not hit for 5 seconds. or C, an inferno tower hits the shield, evaporating the shield bubble. Once the inferno tower dies, should the shark survive, it reforms it, the shield. Any troop not within 2 studs when the shark makes/remakes the shield does not get one, even if it should move in range later.

    Preferred Target Attack Type Housing Space Training Time Movement Speed Attack Speed Dark Barracks Level Required Range
    Air Defense Melee (Ground & Air) 30 50m 26 2s 7 0.4 tile

    Level Damage per Second Damage per Attack Time to spawn shield Shield Strength Shield duration (As long as the shark is unharmed.) Hitpoints Training Cost Research Cost Laboratory Level Required Research Time
    1 202.5 405 1s 30% 4s/Inferno Tower 1,700 500 N/A N/A N/A
    2 229 458 1s 35% 4.5s/Inferno Tower 1,900 530 70,000 8 12 days
    3 255 510 1s 40% 5s/Inferno Tower 2,250 555 80,000 9 14 days



    *Use to supplement Barch's, wizards, or any other low health troop.
    *Use with dragon's for the extra shielding dragon's need.
    *Although the range of the Shark is shorter than a Lava Hound, deploy Lava hounds first to draw fire prior to using the Shark.
    Some army comp. that should be effective:
    *ShaBarch *LavaShark *ShaLavaloon *Etc.


    * Set X-Bow to ground so it doesn't the Shark.
    * Have inferno set to multiple, destroying as many shields as possible.
    * Space out your air defenses, leaving gaps.

    Normally gap's in an air defense and not attacking a Shark is bad, but the plan is to make the Shark lower it's shield, kill other troops, THEN kill the sharks.


    Thank you for reading. I would appreciate any comments, concerns, opinions, art (if you do art for this, don't make it look TO fishy. Make it a bit mutant-like.) Also please vote in the poll. If you do, comment why. I can't do anything for the people who vote no/needs work without knowing what needs fixing.
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