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Thread: TH9 War Base: Triton | Anti-3 Star Design

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    I dont like it, that u can reach 3 air defences with one jump spell...vulnerable against valkyries nad loons.

    It looks amazing next base after a break from wars
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    Quote Originally Posted by IlDiavolo View Post
    I dont like it, that u can reach 3 air defences with one jump spell...vulnerable against valkyries nad loons.

    It looks amazing next base after a break from wars
    you need a lot of backend loons if you are gonna do any type of GoLo - in this case GoVaLo - to hit the north side after cleaning south AD.

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    so smexy, lovely base josh
    i see what u did there at the end
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    Excellent base, J. Good to see someone with a strong hogging background such as yourself create an anti-3* base with hogging tactics in mind. Hope you and the Raiders are doing well.

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    I'm not a great a valk and correct me if I'm wrong but don't almost all of the hog paths on the left side path around DGBs (for example) wouldn't xbow actually go to the AD in same compartment. Only 2 spaces to it 3 spaces to the AD with the DGBs in front on it.

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    a few things...

    • where is the picture of triton and the quote?
    • and could a few hogs lure the cc from

    • is the lvl 5 AS suppose to face that way?
    • finally, great base, love it and will be using it or a clan mate of mine

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    Nice base man, maybe add the dgb (the one closer to AQ) betwen the xbow and cannon as the current one could be in path of shattered ks. Lovely base besides that possible adjustment.

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    Nice to see another base of yours man!
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    What do you think about moving the BK to around where the AQ is to make the kill harder and potentially fail? Make them have to engage the BK first and he acts as a tank for the AQ. And have the DGB's on the right side ever been triggered incorrectly?
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    Really epic base design! I'd say it's really hard to create a base to tailor to all attacking styles possible, but you've managed to do it.

    I was wondering about the part where you said that this base has a couple flaws/slightly outdated due to changing meta?
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