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Thread: TH9 War Base: Triton | Anti-3 Star Design

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    TH9 War Base: Triton | Anti-3 Star Design

    I have finally decided to release my war base after 'bashing' on a few others; it's your chance to get some vengeance. I by no means say that base cannot be 3 starred, as any TH9 base can within a few tries. It has served me well for over a month, but some of you may be wondering why I would want to release it. This is simple; this base has a few weaknesses which I cannot patch and there is a new meta for war bases.

    Triton: Anti-3 Star TH9 Base Design by TheJ is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

    This Creative Commons license allows players to use my base, but claiming it as your own or making a YouTube video is prohibited. Happy clashing.
    The Base

    Walls and Traps

    CC Radius

    AQ Radius

    Basic Overview

    This is solely meant to protect the third star, if you care about losing 2 stars to GoWiPe then this is not the base for you.
    • 5 Viable Double Giant Bomb Locations
    • Hard to lure Clan Castle
    • T-Formation Air Defense in the central one covers the others, and vice versa
    • Wizard Towers out of range of Air Defenses
    • Asymmetrical, towers are uneven
    • Storages placed to protect air defenses
    • Spring Traps Placed to stop surgical hogs
    • Opposite double giant bombs

    Base Versus GoLaLoon

    GoLaLoon is easily one of the most powerful 3 star compositions for TH9 - with shattered the only viable one in this case. For me, there are 7 items that are looked for in a shatter GoLaLoon - air sweepers, air defenses and queen. Taking the queen out is a must, so thats 6 options. Effective GoLaLoon's must take out 2 of these to truly have a purpose for the hybrid part of the attack. To prevent this, only a single air defense is offered up in queens range. The diagrams below explain it more effectively.

    Logical Queen Kill + AD Location is near the Town hall. Any intelligent attacker wont hit from the Town Hall, due to the massive hit points and delay - they will instead attack from the adjacent compartment: being forced to break through 2 storages. The golems should only activate the queen aggressive when they just past the tesla, meaning she will stay behind the walls - forcing storages to be taken out first and a jump spell into core. Observe:

    Orange Arrows = Where AD take out team/killsquad is most likely dropped
    Green Circle = Jump Spell Location
    Red Circles = High HP Buildings in the vicinity
    Blue Line = Location where golems will activate queen

    The second location is to the south, between the central-south and right-south air defenses. This location has has the second AD which must be taken out heavily fortified by 2 storages straight in line. It also has a low chance of engaging and killing queen, the primary objective of the hyrbid part of LaLoon

    Orange Arrows = Where AD take out team/killsquad is most likely dropped
    Green Circle = Jump Spell Location Possibilities
    Red Circles = High HP Buildings in the vicinity
    Blue Line = Location where golems will activate queen

    The third and final location which is a possibility for taking out 2 out of 6 key defenses, maybe even 3. This spot has a very small chance of killing queen but can easily get 1 AD, 1 air sweeper and potentially a second air defense with some luck. This issue is for the attacker that the queen will be engaged late, and with a high HP X-Bow nearby the golems will quickly disintegrate, causing the heroes to take the brunt of the defensive power. If a jump spell was dropped, it may also go into a second compartment, meaning the heroes (needed to kill the AQ) may move into the wrong compartment.

    Orange Arrows = Where AD take out team/killsquad is most likely dropped
    Green Circle = Jump Spell Location
    Red Circles = High HP Buildings in the vicinity
    Yellow Arrows = Compartments in which heroes may potentially branch off
    Blue Line = Location where golems will activate queen

    The base has only one logical and working spot to kill queen for a TH9, but that doesnt give the second element - making a GoLaLoon very difficult to achieve.

    Base Versus GoHo

    Another one of the stronger 3 star attacks commonly used. GoHoWiWi has the queen kill component and then the hogs to rip through the remaining defenses. The key to stopping a GoHo is giant bombs, doubled up it is instant bacon. With multiple logical DGB spots, hogging the base on first attack is not possible - only once a failed attack/intel attack has been done and locwtions revealed would the base be hoggable. The locations chosen are opposite, cant be triggered at an angle to mitigate the effect but that being said, the other spots work perfectly well as well.

    Time to put it into context a bit more. Assume the DGB location is known and the same as I posted. A jump spell with a shattered/stoned GoWiWi will break through and disable the spots as well as get the queen kill. That takes out a chunk of the base, then hogs will be deployed normally at one of the other sides. Here is some of the basic hog pathing, considering that one DGB set is gone. The remaining hogs will path through the DGB at some point, as well as hit most spring traps.

    Orange Arrows = Where GoWiWi component is dropped
    Red Section = Area taken out by the kill squad
    Blue Arrows = Hog Pathing
    Green Circle = Jump Spell Location
    Purple Lines = DGB Possibilities, None there (Single Red Line is where the other set is)

    Base Versus Surgical/Precision Hogs

    The most prevalent attack nowadays in the elite warring community, due to its ability to quickly rip apart bases. It is a variant of the GoHo attack, but this time sending a small number of hogs to each point defense. There are 2 ways to counter it, shallow X-Bows or layered point defenses - I chose the latter. There are defenses in front of key point defenses which quickly baconise pigs, as well as first layer teslas which fry them in seconds.

    A standard Surgical hog will have the same start as a GoHo, and assuming this is the second attack, they will known the right DGB location. After taking that out, 2-4 hogs with potentially screening giants with be deployed at all point defenses, some splash, or defenses in front of point. In the picture, it depicts the point/single defenses, which are key in killing the hogs, and how they stop surgical hogs to an extent.

    Orange Arrows = Where GoWiWi component is dropped
    Red Section = Area taken out by the kill squad
    Blue Arrows = Hog Drops
    Red Arrows = Defenses Hitting Hogs Behind A Building Targetted

    Base Versus GoLo

    GoLo is very base specific, but with the 3 Air Defenses in a row a solid GoWiWi from that side may of been a weakness, but the number of loons required to clear remaining defenses is too great - so it is a void strategy.

    In case you don't yet believe me, Ive got a few images to illustrate it better. The side with all the air defenses is heavily guarded by high health storages, so getting through it will be a challenge in itself. Say if, if, the 3 air defenses are taken out, the next side will require a large amount of loons. Observe:

    Red Section = Area wiped out by GoWiWi component
    Blue Arrows = Defenses to Which Loons are dropped
    Orange Arrows = Defensive Buildings that cant be targeted by loons, which will stop loons going to primary buildings

    It requires 2 loons based on travel time to take out a single air targetting building if their werent any other air targetting buildings around, with a fourth air defense still in play and 3 additional teslas this will no longer be possible. GoLoWiWi is a bust.

    Base Versus GoWiPe/GoWiWi/GoWiVa

    12 Compartments mixed with high level walls should stop this generally 2 star strategy from even getting close to the last and precious third star. With an off centered town hall, majority of attacks will come from that side: so getting through to the other past high HP buildings is suicide for the attacker. Enough said.

    Defense Logs

    I have only faced maybe 3-5 3 star attempts, all of which failed at their aim. I am not including them for two reasons, I couldn't be bothered to screenshot them and secondly, they were clearly not an elite standard in the execution of the raid.


    That concludes my war base design thread, hope you enjoyed the writing up and of course the base itself. I by no means am a master at designing war base designs, but I hope that if you use this base it serves you well. The start of the thread is only partially correct, I will admit, I am also not using this base due to the fact that I believe against a second/third attack with a surgical hog raid it can be 3 starred quite simply. The base wont be 3 starred in normal wars against either A: bad attackers/2 star raiders or B: Average 3 star attackers who haven't yet learned how to execute a plan to perfection.
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    neh me furst u wot m9 dis bse ain ny gud m8 wen nid log of bad attackah

    Great base as always your walls really have come a long way Looking forward to more bases from you
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    Great base, J! Love this!
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    Awesome base! Not much advice I can give to be honest!

    Sup, tad inactive.

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    Lovely base! Well done!
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    epic base as always J

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    first glance it looks good, no major flaws. Good stuff man
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    You're cute
    I'll prob use this beast if you aren't already


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    Nice! TheJ's first war base.

    But with only 12 compartments, won't a gowiwipe three it? And I still think it might be weak to a shattered surgical, though I might be wrong. Nice job
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    Nah, 12 compartments is enough to hold back gowiwipe.

    im a little worried about a 10 o'clock shatter (I know the high HP buildings will hold off 95% of attackers so it is probably fine) and the pathing on the AD/xbow/sweeper dgb can be bypassed from the top or bottom (other dgb is brilliant!!!)

    Only other thing I see is VaHoLo from 9 o'clock ( WB in jump on hair dryer 3 ADs down) hog last AD loon rest (very few anti 3s can hold up against a good VaHoLo....luckly most ppl can't pull it off)

    You might be able to pull of a stoned LaLoon from 9 as well

    Over all I'd say 9/10 GG!!!!!
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