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Thread: Clan TexasFight: War Log and Updates

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    Red face Clan TexasFight:War Log and Updates

    Hello Everyone

    We are clan TexasFight (#82UYJQQP), a level 6 clan with 194 war wins as of now. We are a mix of bases ranging from TH 10 all the way down to TH 7.

    Our profile:

    Our current war starts in 7 hours and is against clan #9GQUG298. The opponent clan is also a level 6 clan with 72 victories. It has three more TH 10 than us, but an equal number of TH 9 less when compared to us. All in all, it looks like a close match. I will post updates about our war results here.

    We have been fighting some good mixed clans in the past, and we really hope we can fight against strong mixed clans with members here in the forums sometime in the future. It will be fun.

    Edit(15 JULY 2015):

    Current War Record: 200 WINS 21 LOSSES 4 DRAWS ( LEVEL 7 CLAN )

    Last Two Wars:
    TexasFight (138 stars) vs MACABEBE KIDZZ (93 stars)
    TexasFight (118 stars) vs trueblood pinoy (85 stars)

    Current War:
    TexasFight vs #8PPGU2UQ (Preparation Day)

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