Please tell me how I did in my GoWiPe raid. So happy ^_^

The "Old" me using GoWiPe (Probably the worst GoWiPe)

Troop Comp:220 spaces
2 Golems
8 Wall Breakers
3 Pekkas
5 Archers
1 Barbarian King
1 Archer Queen
1 Clan Castle Troops: 1 Dragon + Any Flying Troops
2 Rage Spells
1 Heal Spell
1 Jump Spell

How I GoWipe is:
-Deploy 2 Golems in front of Archer Towers and Cannons
-Put down a rage followed by all wall breakers
-Pekkas deployed
-Once troops are near the core use Jump Spell
-Rage Spell in the core
-Heal Spell in half of the core
-Use hero's abilities wisely
-Hope some Air defenses gets destroyed then send in my Dragon from CC.
-Use Archers if needed