Hello Peeps!

As you may have seen, or heard rumors, we have initiated a new user group on the forums called, Game Specialists. The Game Specialists are selected players on our forums based on their behaviour, knowledge and activity, by our mods (not staff). Their function is to help our moderators by replying to questions and requests about our games. If they don't know the answer(s) they can escalate the questions/requests to our mods, but in most cases they shouldn't need to go that far.

You can not apply to become one, as our moderators choose and approach the selected members from our community they see fit for the task. The Game Specialists do not have moderator rights or any other special rights compared to normal registered users. This means that they can not close threads, ban users, move/merge threads etc. They also need to follow the basic forum rules just as we all do. They're simply voluntarily helping out, and have a direct line to our moderators to get more info if needed.

Introducing this new user group does not mean that our moderators wouldn't be as accessible anymore - you can still get support from our mods as well.

The Game Specialists have blue colored names & title badges () so you can more easily spot their replies.

I hope you welcome our Game Specialists, but please keep in mind that they are not Supercell employees / staff so they can not promise any changes or features to any of our games.



Note that the information above is subject to change at any time if we see fit.