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    Very good sneakpeaks

    I wonder how the sneak peaks 2 will look like

    made by dragonX101
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    Very excited for the update.

    1)Level 5 dragons:
    amazing thing especially if they make TH9s get level 4 dragons, I think it will be balanced with the second air sweeper at TH9. (Yes, they were moved to TH9 as I expected)

    2) Second Air Sweeper, I asked for it since the first day the air sweeper was introduced.

    3) The new trainning button, I wanted something to makw trainning troops easier. I hope this is what I want. I can already imagine it a little bit.

    4) New Legaues:
    They are pretty cool, they will push players to push as high as possible and will fix the matchmaking for high trophy ranges.

    5) New tournment, I am very excited about it although I am not gonna be able to join it.
    I hope they make a tournment also for low trophy players.

    6) Dark Spell Factory, (Poison Spell), It very cool and it will change many strategies, I think it's OP a little bit. Players used to bring a lightning spell to kill CC troops and this affected the attack because they had to an important with a light spell.
    Now, for example, I am doing a LavaLoon attack, I will bring 5 Rage spells and a Poison spell which will probably be enough to kill CC troops.
    Anyway, this is just thoughts and expectations and I am excited to test it and see it in battle and see more dark spells if there is any.

    7) The Earthquake spell, nice spell.

    8) No more storages zapping, it's very good addition. Finally. It has been asked for a lot. It was even in the ruled-out ideas. Although in some situations, this will be hated like destroying 99% of a storage using troops and now I need one more percent to win the raid and don't have any troops. In this situation, I will zap the storage. But this won't happen anymore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaurav15 View Post
    2nd air sweeper m gonna quit playing this game for sure
    Keep your mines and collectors on the outside then

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    Yes, of course...

    I am 2 days away from finally getting level 4 dragons and now there will be a level 5. Awful timing but what are you gonna do?

    Interested to see how the training button will work. That could be the best item out of the first set of sneaks this update.

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    For Day 1 this is great. Training button is good news. Second leaf blower will help TH9 against TH10

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    And this is just the first (and most of the time least exciting) sneak peek.

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    So it begins...the cat pics did work after all.

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    In silver LOL...Oh and I like the update!
    whatever, time to upgrade my pekkas level2

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    Hey Anoushka is Dragon level 4 will available at TH9?

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    Looks like I need to stack 8m elixir for the mighty dragon.

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