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    Quitting this game

    2nd air sweeper m gonna quit playing this game for sure

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    Give lvl 4 Dragon to TH9 and lvl 5 Dragon to TH10 !
    Dragons are useless at TH9, they are even more useless now that there is a 2nd Sweeper at TH9 !

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    Will we be able to train level 4 drags at TH9? Otherwise, I think Drags lvl5 will be useless...
    Even dragon level 4 at TH9 I think will be useless against well set TH9.
    And dragon level 5... should be sooooo powered in order to do something agains TH10s...

    Forum exclusive:
    A second air sweeper is just a "forum exclusive"? I think it is more important than dragon level 5!!
    Forum exclusive #2:
    Greatit was about time, let's hope it is much easier to train your troops now

    I guess it will be fun for great players. Just curious how much gold, elixir and DE will you get when you win a battle at legends league :-)

    It is great to get a new spell factory with new spells, which take half the space, however, poison spell... I think it is useless
    Forum exclusive
    Nope, I think this is no good, I understand this "kind of buffer" in your barracks, so if someone asks for a PEKA, DRAGON or whatever, you can train it without interferring with your troops, but, spells? You are not gonna donate'em!! This should not be like that

    Earthquake!! Could be, we will see how big the spell is, if it is smaller than nowadays spells... it will become useless too I think. And also, will troops know which wall is weaker, so they will go to break that piece of wall? Or will they go to a random piece of wall even if some of them have been weaked with an earthquake?
    Forum exclusive
    Say what? I never, NEVER zap dark elixir, however I think it should not be like this, if there is a lighting spell, it should damage EVERYTHING. It could be ok, if you damaged storaged without stealing anything, and then it would be easier for the troops to steal it... ok

    Haste... for what?
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    I might actually use dragons again

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    First sneak completely nerfs itself!! Sounds like itll be a great update!

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    wow these are awful so far lol

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    Coc 2020

    So future is coming to present now .Dragon head for th20 hehe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saleh47 View Post
    Amazing till now. I can tell you I'm loving this update. Keep the amazing peeks coming!!! ❤
    Heck yea! Not on my bucket list but still great addition to the game!

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    Seems good so far ^_^

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    Quote Originally Posted by iSickSane View Post
    Give lvl 4 Dragon to TH9 and lvl 5 Dragon to TH10 !
    Dragons are useless at TH9, they are even more useless now that there is a 2nd Sweeper at TH9 !
    I totally agree...and honestly i don't find it a good news the drag lvl 5, only TH10 will appreciate that

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