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Thread: [DM-2] Claustrophobopolis - All Resource Protection TH9 Farming Base

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    [DM-2] Claustrophobopolis - All Resource Protection TH9 Farming Base

    DM2 – Claustrophobopolis

    Table of Contents
    -Introduction/Base Name
    -The Base
    -How It Works
    -Pros & Cons

    I. Introduction/Base Name
    Hello and welcome to my second base design thread! I put together this base after finishing upgrading all my walls to legos and the only thing left to upgrade was heros and walls to lavas. What this means to TH9's is that no longer can you sit on almost no resources as going from skulls to legos required only 1 million of either gold or elixir, going to legos (level9 walls) to lavas (level 10 walls) AND having nothing else to upgrade means you'll be sitting on a good amount of loot for an attacker because you need 3 million of either to upgrade a wall. At this stage in the game, you typically get more gold than elixir as raiding costs elixir while the next'ing cost of gold is minimal. So rather than make base that focuses on 1 + DE protection I tried to make one that protected everything as I found myself having +2million of both resources before I could dump one or the other into walls. I didn't have a name for this base until I decided to make a thread for it, my first base aptly named DM-1 had a nice theme to it. So the next in the series is DM-2 and oddly enough the name was fitting, Claustrophobopolis, which I'll explain.

    II. The Base

    Attackers POV, before showing you all the traps, take an honest look at the base and consider how you’d attack it with a typical farming army.


    CC Radius:

    With the CC centered it is difficult to lure, however after much testing and due to, what I consider, a large weakness to the base, I moved the DE storage bin to the center spot and have the clan castle slightly off center. The trade off obviously being CC is now easier to lure but your DE is better protected

    Traps and Walls Only:

    No double giant bombs, this exposes a glaring weakness to the base and why I was happy with the name. No DGB's typically means hogs will run all over you. My first real defense was from someone that had 44 hogs... and he failed because the first 5 hogs weren't able to do a full lure on my CC. There is no room for DGB's because everything is tightly packaged around the core. This means you have a ton of over lapping defense, which helps focus down troops. But with no open spaces, traps can be obvious.

    Walls Only:

    All joints are staggered and WB's will typically run to areas that will make them open to attack before blowing up any walls. Also this base abuses the archer/BARCH funnel concept, which I'll detail more later.

    Base from attackers Point of View:

    As seen previously...

    Base with Everything:

    In this image you can see I have the archer queen in her optimal position, I kick her out while upgrading or healing for a cannon.

    III. How the base works
    As I mentioned, this base compact, lots of defenses cover each other and your resources.

    Funnel coverage I.

    Funnel coverage II.

    Funnel coverage III.

    Funnel coverage IV.

    As you can see, the "funnels" are covered very well, BARCH goes in, and not much comes out. The traps are there to help support the core DPS if the walls are breached.


    The outer buildings help to make most troops go around the base and not in, this is very true when attacking from the NE or SW sides as you can see the arrows in the above picture. Golems/Giants and even hogs run away from the center and path to the open sides leaving any supporting troops exposed and directed to the funnels to die. I've stated in my previous thread and any base designer will tell you, all things being equal; a smart attacker will beat any base design.

    What this means is if an attack is smart they can break up this pathing and/or stagger troop deployment to snipe your loot. This never happened for the 3+months I have sported this base, but I was told by another tester someone was able to stagger and snipe some loot (but I don't know if 100% of his defenses were TH9 max'd as are mine).

    This base was tested from Gold II to Crystal II, I had max TH9 defenses the entire time, because of this I would recommend this only after maxing out all your defenses first (however I have another inactive friend who is a premmie TH9 and he says it works for him).

    I did modify this base a few times, the largest was deciding whether having the DE bin central was the best fit. I was fighting two issues to come to this choice. The first was knowing the best protection vs. hogs is having your CC stocked and reeking havoc on the pigs. The second was dealing with archer queens. If the DE is off center it makes the attackers choice pretty obvious which side to start the attack from and after losing my DE to such an attack I decided it was better to have it more shielded, simply because you'll see archer queens a lot more than you'll see hog attacks. The best troop to keep in your CC for this base, are minions, followed up by wizards then archers. Minions because they can chase down little piggies. You'll see in my logs unsuccessful, COMPLETE lures of my CC spelled doom for the hog attackers.

    IV. Pros and Cons

    -Pathing demolishes farming armies
    -Xbows set to air and ground cover almost entire base and all resource bins

    -Hard to lure CC when centered, if not will take a defensive favoring unit to bring out
    -Compact, high DPS around core, forces attacker to use spells or snipe your TH
    -All resources equally protected, DE has solid protection as well
    -All resources are spread out, archer queen can't get DE bin at center then clean up from the inside out
    -Not hero or even clan dependent , can kick out either CC or heros for a cannon or archer tower
    -Balanced coverage of both air and ground attacks with AD's not being very exposed

    -Can be weak to a hog attacker that fully deals with CC before fully deploying, however attack will require all their spells as queen is still in the core with double skeleton traps
    -Possible to stagger attack to snipe loot

    -Unable to modify for war or trophy configurations
    -Air sweeper was added as an after thought, always keep it on the opposite side of your queen so it can at least provide a mental edge to make the attacker choose another side or to assist ever so slightly from air attacks coming that direction.

    V. Defence Logs/Replays

    All dragons ♥♥♥??

    BARCH fail

    BARCH with queen that made me move DE bin to central location

    BARCH fail

    LaLoonion that got 50% of loot, but no DE, probably didn't even cover the cost of his army however

    GoHo log, this guy clearly wanted my DE and failed doing so, you can still see my minions alive til the end

    Another GoHo-ish log that I couldn't get the final screen grab due to an update.

    VI. Conclusion
    Thank you for reading, just to re-iterate this base has served me very well for the 3+ months I have (and still am) used it. I went on a very, very, VERY long streak of max loot, in crystal, with my TH moved into defense range and no logs, 10+ weeks. It was very frustrating and if I was ever able to make a new base I would have abandoned it. But alas my interest in CoC has severely declined and I was never able to finish a non-symmetrical farm base. I have decided to take a break from CoC for the time being but wanted to get this thread completed and "out there". If anyone has any additional input or questions on the function(s) of the base, I'll still be around to answer and reply. I apologize in advance if I skipped over anything, but having sat on this base for so long I may have rushed over some of the finer points.

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    First, Awesome base by the way! Been seeing this base and was wondering when where u gonna make a thread on it

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    2nd! and ♥♥♥♥♥ some of those pics got the infamous "snowflake" clan shield that everyone in FR hated lol

    anyways we will miss you there ◕︵◕

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    Lol, I was wondering when you were going to release the base. Stacking archer funnels.
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    (made this pic like 2 years ago, need a better one)

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    Man very, very awesome base!!! WIsh I was still a TH9, I'd be all over testing this for you.
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    Base Builder/Breeder of tarantulas, and women.

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    Nice I will be using this base man, let's see how it works. I am almost maxed just missing mortars and a few AT
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    Very very nice
    My TH9 DE Protection Base (Crows) :

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    You're cute


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