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    Voor de Nederlandse spelers een heldere uitleg.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick[Supercell] View Post

    Hey Folks!

    With the upcoming update for Hay Day, there’s one major overhaul to the Derby matchmaking system I'd like to briefly talk about. Now, this change will not kick in full force until a couple of weeks from posting this (it needs to collect some data first) so you won’t see that big changes in the first one or two Derbies. More active neighborhoods will see the changes sooner than the less active ones, however. The system calculates the average performance of previous Derbies, so it’s not only about the previous Derby or even 2 last Derbies. The further we go the better the matchmaking will become as it has more data to be used.

    The change we have made is that the matchmaking will not only look for same sized neighborhoods, but will also match similarly performing neighborhoods. Let me explain it a bit further; Let’s say that you are in a 20 player neighborhood and you guys like to take it easy. With the new matchmaking system you will not only be matched against 20 player neighborhoods, but a 20 player neighborhoods who like to take it easy as well. This will amp the possibilities for you to win, come second or third since you won’t be matched against super active 20 player neighborhoods anymore. If your neighborhood then decides to become way more active and competitive at some point, the matchmaking adjusts to it.

    The super active and dedicated neighbourhoods will of course also be matched together, so the ones who like the competition will get it for sure.

    We believe that this will make the Derby a much more exciting and fair event for everyone. Now if you have any questions, please read all replies in this thread to avoid repeated questions. If you can’t find an answer to your question, go ahead and post it. I will try to answer as many as possible.

    Next up - let’s hope the update arrives as soon as possible!


    Weer een mooie Sneak Peek. Ik zal proberen hieronder uit te leggen wat Nick van Supercell ook probeert uit te leggen;-)

    De komende weken zal het systeem gaan leren hoe buurthuizen worden geselecteerd voor een Derby op basis van aantal leden en score van voorgaande Derby's.

    Wanneer de Derby nu begint kijkt het systeem alleen naar het aantal leden in een buurthuis en zal het systeem 15 buurthuizen samenvoegen die dezelfde aantal leden hebben voor een Derby.

    Elk buurthuis in een Derby scoort verschillend. Soms tref je hele fanatieke Buurthuizen aan en ook wat minder fanatiek. Zit jij nu in een buurthuis die gemiddeld genomen rond de 3000 punten scoort in een Derby dan zal het systeem straks daar rekening mee houden.

    Het systeem gaat dit opslaan en zal na een paar Derby's buurthuizen niet alleen op aantal maar ook op gemiddelde score gaan toetsen en deze bij elkaar zetten. Voor het buurthuis die dus rond de 3000 punten zit elke week zullen er nu ook andere buurthuizen gezocht worden die rond die score zitten.

    Supercell wil hiermee het volgende bereiken. Wanneer je in een buurthuis zit dat zweeft rond een bepaalde score je dan meer kans hebt een keer te winnen wanneer je in een Derby zit met buurthuizen rond diezelfde score.

    Soms zit er wel eens een buurthuis bij die zelfs een score haalt boven de 30000 Derby punten. Voor deze fanatieke buurthuizen wordt dan ook een betere uitdaging gevonden want die zal andere buurthuizen treffen in de Derby met ongeveer gelijk aantal Derbypunten.

    Nu zie ik op het forum van Supercell zowel positieve als ook negatieve reacties. Zelf ben ik van mening dat dit best wel eens positief kan uitpakken. Ik hoop dat ik het goed heb uitgelegd:-)


    Another nice Sneak Peek. I will try to explain below what Nick Supercell also tries to explain ;-)

    In the coming weeks, the system will learn how community centers are selected for a Derby-based members and scores of previous derbies.

    When Derby is starting the system only looks at the number of members in a community center and the system will merge 15 community centers which have the same number of members for a Derby.

    Each community center in Derby scored differently. Sometimes you will find all the avid community centers and even less fanatic. You are now in a community which on average around 3,000 points in a Derby system will soon take this into account.

    The system will save it and, after a few derbies community centers not only in number but also in average test scores go and put this together. The community center which so around 3000 points each week is now also sought other community centers will be sitting around that score.

    Supercell this will achieve the following. When you are in a community is hovering around a certain score you more than likely have to win once when you are in a Derby with community centers around the same score.

    Sometimes there is sometimes a community in which even gets a score above 30000 points Derby. For this avid community centers is therefore found a better challenge because that will affect other community centers in the Derby with approximately equal number Derby Bonus.

    Now I see the forum Supercell both positive and negative reactions. Personally, I believe that this best can sometimes be positive. I hope I have explained it well :-)
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    Our last several close competitive derbies required us to spend diamonds for the 6th task if we wanted to win....hmmmm. Food for thought.
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    So basically if a neighbourhood tries hard at the Derby, spends diamonds, tries to achieve maximum points etc, you get exactly the same rewards as a neighbourhood that sits back relaxed, and does very little, because they'll be pitted against like?

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    Derby challenges over 320 horseshoes

    I am one persoon playing the derby and I patiently wait for the 320 horseshoe tasks however even if I do all six challenges at 320 points I still won't get to the fourth level of 1950. PLEASE add some harder challenges at 340 and 360 and 390 horseshoes other than the boat and fishing which is currently the only tasks that come up for 320 horseshoes....there was no mention of this in your new upcomming update. This is my favorite game

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    one more thought, what if a derby is being skipped? for example our hood does every 4th derby as a relaxing 'floater' we float along, doing task or not.
    Will a skipped derby (0 points for that week) bring the hood down into the 'lower league'?
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    Quote Originally Posted by LetTheMusicPlay View Post
    Can you talk to us a bit more about how the matching system will work, please?

    The game will keep a running average of our past derby scores: am I understanding that correctly? Then, do we get matched with NHs whose averages are within 1000-point (or 5000-point) range of our NH average?

    Or is the matching less dynamic? Are there set categories of NH groupings. For instance, all 27-member NHs that score between 20,000 and 29,999 have the potential to be matched up with one another.

    If there are established classification levels of these new matchmaking pools, could you tell us in advance what they are, please? Pleeeeeease.
    Quote Originally Posted by LetTheMusicPlay View Post
    Another question.

    Will you our average past derby score include derbies from before the June 2015 update? Or will it be calculated only from derbies post-update?

    Thanks for being willing to field questions here.
    Great questions. Looking forward to the answers.

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    ooooh not sure about this at all. part of the fun is seeing if it is gone to be a challenging Derby or not. I foresee Derby burnout coming on for those that do well.

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    Not a good idea...

    I love the derby and the competition and our nh really tries hard to win. The last 2 weeks we have had seriously tough competition. I would say half of our members if not more used diamonds on a sixth task in order to try to pull out a win. We lost the first derby in the last minutes of the game after scoring 47,500 points. We won the second derby also in the last minutes of the game with once again more than half of us using diamonds to do a sixth task.

    The pressure of winning our first really challenging derby caused a divide in our nh and a few long time members left because they didnt care about winning like a lot of us did. We also had to kick some members who werent completeing all their tasks or were inactive to make us a winning derby nh. We did all this knowing some weeks the competition would be tough and some weeks it would be a break for us with an easier win. Not knowing how tough the next derby would be is part of the fun but after these last two intense derbys we are hoping this week is a fairly easy win with just everyone doing their 5 tasks.

    So Nick are you saying that after going thru all this tension, drama, divide, hurt feelings, watching friends leave, etc its all now going to come down to who has the most diamonds each week to win? Because if so then our nh went through all of this for nothing.

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    I am very suspicious of the whole thing. How can you enjoy a win when teams deliberately lose? Also, is it gonna be a race against who have more cash, most diamonds? Turning into a very elitist aware!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick[Supercell] View Post
    Next up - let’s hope the update arrives as soon as possible!


    Is there a good chance the update will arrive in the middle of this week's derby? Or will you hold the update until this week's derby is over?

    Should we put off taking derby tasks this week until the update? Maybe we'll lose any tasks we've already completed with the new update? Or there'll be a new point values that will disadvantage players who took tasks pre-update?

    Please give us some guidance. If the update will wipe out derby tasks already selected, it would be nice to save resources we'd only use for the derby for after the update.
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