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Thread: [interesting discussion] Are Valks Really the Worst Troop in the Game?

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    Are Valks Really the Worst Troop in the Game?

    Hardly anyone uses valks. They've earned a reputation for being the worst troop in the game. Their reputation is so great that when I talked with someone who said he would use valks in his new war army, I immediately thought, "Why? Valks are such a bad troop". However, I couldn't provide myself a reason why valks were bad other than that because they were.

    The surprising thing is, valks at TH8 and TH9, based on stats, are better than PEKKAs. Their reputation might make some think "this guy is full of bull; I should leave this thread immediately". This is the extent to which valks are hated, which is for no reason than that no one popularized a valkyrie army.

    Let's look at stats:

    I'll be talking about valks at TH8 and TH9. I am not familiar enough with how inferno towers interact with valks to make a definite case for this being true at TH10.

    A level 2 valk has 99 dps and 1200 hp. Over 3 valkyries can take the place of 1 PEKKA in terms of housing space. This means that the combined dps of valks is 297 and the combined hp is 3000. At level 4 this is even greater, with 3 having a combined dps of 372 and a combined hp of 3600.

    The PEKKA level 3 has dps of 300 and hp of 3500. At TH8, PEKKAs have greater hp than 3 valks.

    However, valks possess several distinct advantages over PEKKAs:
    1) Split over 3 units. Instead of making them weak to splash (whose damage is insignificant anyway), this allows 3 valks to be healed at the same time, tripling the healing given under a heal spell. At TH8 and 9, this is a significant advantage as a heal spell will make the valks virtually invincible if the defending clan castle is not present.
    2) PEKKAs are weak to teslas. Valks aren't. Enough said.
    3) PEKKAs attack slowly, causing them to overkill buildings, wasting much of their dps. This means that they are even weaker to a defensive clan castle than valkyries.
    4) Valks have splash. PEKKAs don't.

    At TH9 there is no comparison. Valks are better than PEKKAs, and not a single argument can be brought up in favor of PEKKAs other than that valks have a tendency to run ahead of golems. EDIT: and spring traps, but the stat difference, and the 4 advantages above, are more than enough to compensate.

    It is therefore extremely illogical to use PEKKAs at TH8 and TH9. Take PEKKAs out of your GoWiPe or GoLoWiPe and put in valks instead. Also save the dark elixir to upgrade them, if you like to do ground attacks.
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