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Thread: We met on global. We are engaged to get married.

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    Question We met on global. We are engaged to get married.

    Before I start, those who don't like reading can go to bottom of my post where I will summarise because I do tend to waffle on a bit

    Our Story:

    "Guys this isn't a dating site"

    May 2013: Not many awake in my clan so I press the "global" chat button.

    What I'm expecting..
    Me: Hi all
    Them: Hi / Join me / ****** you ****

    What happened:
    Me: Hi all
    Them: Bigmac? Go away fatty. (My IGN is Bigmacnz)
    Me: (some quick witted comeback that only served to enrage the already enraged global masses)

    Her: You guys are lame
    Me: (uh oh girl in the room..) I'm called Big Mac because my name is Mac and I'm 6'4''

    Them: Whatever
    Her: ooo a tall guy
    Me: (say whaaaaat?!?)

    A bit of harmless flirting later and I had to go. We say our goodbyes and I have to get out a contact detail or something... Play it cool Mac!

    Me: My gamecentre is the same as my player name, bye!

    I rush to Game centre and change my message to: if anyone wants to chat then add me on kik @ bigmac***

    I sit there for a while with my kik open. She finally messages me (might have been 2 minutes).

    We chat for a while and our online relationship begins slowly. The once daily chats become hourly and we connect on a very personal level.

    One problem: I'm a 24 year old finance graduate from New Zealand, she is a 24 year old teacher from Canada.

    Solution: After 10 months of online dating (a first for both of us). I fly to Canada to live with my gamer girlfriend. Gulp.

    Fast forward 1 and a half years... We are in New Zealand, I just got my Canadian Permanent Residency and we fly back to Canada next Wednesday to make preparations for our wedding next year.

    Sometimes you just gotta take a chance I guess.

    Fast version: Met on global, dated online for 10 months, I moved from NZ to Canada to be with her. We get married Next year.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Going away,leaving the forums....
    whoa....just whoa.....CONGRATULATIONS on your marriage!! | Using zap-quake? | Supercell TOS
    Quote Originally Posted by CriPpLeR View Post
    You assume incorrectly
    Quote Originally Posted by CriPpLeR View Post
    When it comes to idiots, forums have the gravitational pull of Jupiter

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    Confirm. Coc is a dating site

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    Wow congrats bro.

    If I had to guess I'd say there was an equal chance you'd get raped meeting someone from global. You got lucky (literally)

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    that is crazy but congrats!

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    Thanks for the well wishes

    And as to the comment about the danger of meeting someone... We skyped a lot so it was safer than meeting a stranger like most other relationships haha.

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    Can you three star her base?

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    WOW, just wow!
    <insert text here>

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    Woahh! Jjinjja! So sweet! Congratz and last long forever!

    Add Note: But, in this case OP is a guy. For gals, never believe on anybody you never meet before! There are lots of chances that they are bad people. ALWAYS BE CAUTIOUS!
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    Quote Originally Posted by AJFlood View Post
    Can you three star her base?
    lol, just lol
    I hate to be a kicker,
    I always long for peace,
    But the wheel that does the squeaking,
    Is the one that gets the grease.

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