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    Quote Originally Posted by carinamw87 View Post
    Almost...this is the sneak peak, of the sneak peak, of the sneak peaks sneak peak *Thumbs Up*
    You may be mistaken, I suspect it is the preview of the sneak peek of the announcement that there will be sneak peeks, to be followed by the preview of the sneak peek of the sneak peek of sneak peek 1.
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    Red face

    When will we get more info?
    I'm so excited!
    Thanks Nick & S.C.!!!

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    Aaaargh... my money was 600.000. I thought it would be save to renew my farm... my money is now 300.000.

    I think i might wait a little bit before buying upgrades...
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    Does this mean animals will be visiting town?

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    No more sneak peaks ?

    Nick please dont keep us waiting any longer...

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