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    Jul 2015

    Link id second time

    Dear supercell..please help me to how to back link with my id from ios to android. Were was use android and now ios . Then i will link again to android

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    fix the Clash of clans on facebook

    My clash of clan was not able to connect on Facebook, I dont know why, I try everything to connect, I uninstall and install the coc but it's not working.. how to fix this problem? Please help.

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    My device share with ♥♥♥♥ers

    Pls help me how to remove another device which connect with my device..already contact supercell but still the ♥♥♥♥er can boots my gem and disturbs my troops

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    Im practically anywhere if im there.
    Didnt receive any activation thing yet.

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    Cant open my account

    Im using my samsung tab. When i clicked the icon, i can hear the opening sound but nothing happens in the loading bar. It remains in about 5% opened and nothing more.

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    iOS 9

    If I update my software to iOS 9, will clash of clan work as normal ?

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    Thumbs Up Great

    I was not able to send Mails!

    Clash Of Clans:136_TH 10
    Boom Beach:61_HQ 22
    Clash Royale:10_HT 4353

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    Post chocolate pearls

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    I lost my village

    I temporary reboot my tab and download again the clash of clan, but when I sign in my village back to lvl1. Pls can I really retrieve my village

    The username is sensitivity
    Town lvl 5
    Xp lvl38

    Hope you can help with my problem

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    Idea !

    If the game use real time why you dont put night time in the game? Day and night .

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