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    problem to my ac♥♥♥♥s

    plass can helpe me

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    connect issue

    Why is it since the update i cant connect my game with facebook. I have derby task to help friends and i cant access my friends list

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    Email issu

    Hlo coc commity my name sahil rishi I have used one time link a device but my cellphone is lost then I lost my account android I have used iphone ple tell me how can recover my base

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    How about new Ideas ??

    I think the fox should eat the chickens and sheep sometimes lol

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    Fishing industry ?? Automobile industry ?

    Shrimp boat , snow crab , tuna fish ? " medical herbs " lol how about a zoo or aquarium or a amusement park for the towns ?? Houses ?

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    i try private server

    i cant go back to the main server what im i suppose to do?

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    Neu hir

    Hey bin neu hir und wüste gerne wo ich etwas über die neusten Updates erfahren kann es gibt da ja gerüchte das es Drachen lv 5 geben soll

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    all of our clan member can't login in game.

    clan name . Mysteric heroes
    plz help me

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    all of our clan member can't login in game.

    clan name . mysteric heroes
    clan level . 3
    i am coleader . mfm.yoyo
    we can't loging - stop in loading
    plz fix admin plz plz
    all of my people are active player

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    For some reason, I don't want emails about the forums coming to my address

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