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Thread: UPLOAD thread for SCREENSHOT DERBY PROS neighborhood

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    UPLOAD thread for SCREENSHOT DERBY PROS neighborhood

    In all the threads requesting visibility of Derby tasks completed by members, the stock answer is just get the hood members to upload screenshots of completed tasks to the forum. I did exactly that for my new hood called "Screenshot Derby pros" but now they tell me that uploading screenshots to the recruitment thread violates the no bumping more than once per day even if it's not me doing the posting, so I have started this thread as a place to upload Derby task screenshots for our hood.

    If any moderators have an objection please let me know ASAP and let me know which part of the forum should be used for uploading Derby screenshots.
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    Sorry, this thread will probably get closed by a mod. Can't start any neighborhood threads here. If you want to have somewhere to go, the only place within the forum is toward the top it says "community", then click on "groups". You need to create a group and then feel your neighbors to go there.

    Another suggestion ion might be to have everyone download Kik and then communicate thru messages that way. You can upload pics via Kik.

    Hope that helps!
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    Not a mod, but I suggest creating a NH group board. Go to Community tab, choose Groups, select Create New Group (green button left hand corner), invite your hood mates to join the group & post away.

    My NH uses the group board all the time for posting photos, info, news, discussions, etc. Works great, but just keep in mind, all posts are public even tho they are not part of the main forums.

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    I'm afraid you misunderstood the PM and should read it again, especially the very first line that explains:

    "I'm sorry but forum rules allow for only one bump per day for an NH recruiting thread. By posting numerous screenshots yourself as well as encouragement to join posts all in the same day, you unknowingly violated that rule."

    Since those screenshots were separate posts, it multibumped.

    Also, as stated by a forumer above, you can not create yet another recruiting thread when you already have one, especially outside the NH Recruiting forum, so I need to close this thread.

    When confused about a PM from a moderator, it's always best to reread the PM first and then contact them for clarification if you are still confused so you don't inadvertently make additional mistakes.
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