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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperSteve[Supercell] View Post
    Did somebody say Hoooooog Riiiiiiderrrrr?!? Yes, Finally! Answer the call and you could win 2,000 gems for your entire clan, not to mention a chance for your submission to appear in a special video!

    To enter the Ride with Hog Rider contest, submit a video of your best response to the call of the Hog Rider. Work solo or collaborate with your whole clan! Submissions must be in video format and uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, or Instagram. Make sure you title your video “Ride With Hog Rider” and add the #RideWithHogRider hashtag in the description! In addition, you must submit your village and clan name in order to be eligible to win!

    Once the video is uploaded, you can submit a link to your video on our Facebook page, or @ClashofClans with the #ridewithhogrider hashtag. You may also post your video in this thread! Make sure your YouTube or Vimeo upload is public so we can see your submission. Also, don’t forget to include your village and clan name in the video description.

    We’ll be accepting submissions until Friday, June 5th. Our judges will then select their favorite entries and our winner will receive 2,000 gems for themselves and every single member of their Clan! We’ll also create an amazing re-cut version of our favorite entries and feature it on our official Clash of Clans social media pages.

    Fine Print:
    • You must be at least 13 years of age to enter.
    • Winners will be announced June 9th, 2015
    • Entries are limited to one per person. Multiple entries by a single clan are permitted.
    • Supercell employees, moderators and partners are not eligible to win.
    • To be considered, your entry must be submitted prior to June 6th, 12:00am PST.
    • Judges will not consider entries without the proper title and hashtag, or entries that do not include the participants village and clan name in the description.
    • Your submission must be your own, original content. You cannot reproduce, reuse or repurpose any copyrighted content outside of Supercell’s “Ride of the Hog Rider” commercial.
    • By submitting a video to the Ride with Hog Rider contest you agree that Supercell may use, recut and post your content to Clash of Clans Social Media pages such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. village: bluebluedemon clan: lexus

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hengly View Post
    Ride With Hog Rider :

    Village name : Hengly
    Clan Name : VealRenh Empire
    hahahaha so true!

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    Saving a spot for later!

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    Wink Ahhh, jumped the does have cheering hogs ;)

    A clan video I put together for my awesome group of folks.

    Enjoy....THX for an amazing game

    You tube link ---->

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    Ride With Hog Rider iR3KT reaction

    In the video below you can see the reaction of iR3KT to the Hog Riders call.


    Village name: speedy
    Clan name: iR3KT
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    oooohhhhh yes... this is awesome

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    Video submission

    Ride With Hog Rider

    Village Name : qwertyuiop
    Clan Name : Syarept

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    Updated the instructions

    Hope that makes it clearer!

    Steve / Supercell
    Brand Marketing

    Stop what you're doing and read these now:

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    I am confused

    Is this on coc or are we supposed to use the commercial

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    Ride the Hog Rider

    Clan name: 云月轩&沧海
    Clan tag: 9UVYGOVG
    Player name:Chai
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