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    Quote Originally Posted by aniani View Post

    village name: COMRADE
    clan name: 'COC' Religion
    Thats great job guys ,,, it's an awesome idea .... Wish the best for all

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    Nice job

    That's so amazing and great job , hopefully doing more offers like that
    Love that idea

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    coming soon

    Coming soon

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    Am I the only one who doesn't understand what's is supposed to be done exactly?

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    village name: JAAFAR ALI
    clan name: onepiece

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    Hey Are we alliwed to put the hog rider video in our video we make?

    Or can I just make a video with my voice saying it and put our clan name and my name of village?

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    How did you guys download the hog rider video off of YouTube

    Also do we make our on video saying hog rider putting our clan and name of the village.So do we make our own video saying hog rider because I need to know right now because I'm trying to figure out what we do.

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    I'm confused what I'm suppose to do exactly... "Answer the call of the hog rider" what???

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    I'm confused to brady4three

    Yea Id get it ether Brady

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    Talking Mine Video :D ,,hope to like it..sry for my bad english :/

    LVL 34

    Clan Name= Assemblage
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