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Thread: The Video ads.

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    Unhappy The Video ads.

    After I purchased diamonds one time i have not received the video ads by the mailbox that will reward you with diamonds.
    I made my first purchase 4 weeks ago and I have not received an ad since.

    Also I have one friend that always has the help icon turned on. This friend never needs help/ It just seems to be stuck.

    I have also had some of my diamonds just disappear. I know that everyone has mentioned this before and I have not hit the lightning bolt to speed up any process of making an item.

    This kinda made me mad because I bought diamonds just once and then the next day half of them were gone.

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    Lets see if I can help in any way.

    a) The video promotions are randomly generated and you are lucky to have them.
    They can appear at any time.

    b)The notification is a bug that's being worked on,apology from behalf of the Supercell team for the inconvenience .

    Lastly but possibly more important to you.
    If you think you lost diamonds and no one has accessed your device or made a mistaken clicks,then report this using the report feature in the game preferably and a rough date or there is a support email as per my signature link.

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    thanks i will do that if it happens again. I really have to disagree with you about the random video ads. I was getting those ads every day at the same time and they were really not random for me. I received them three times a day at 8am , 1 pm and 10 pm. I always knew when they would be there.

    After I purchase 50 diamonds for $1.99 I have never received the ads again.

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    If I remember right ,they lasted about three days for myself and haven't seen them for about 4 months now.
    I didn't purchase diamonds at the time.
    Ive had only a few encounters and my wife only once but not at the same time.
    Random comment was because they are randomly given out to players and should not be expected as part of the game.
    Think of them as a lucky bonus.
    Hope you resolve your diamond issue with support quickly

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