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Thread: **Introducing the Official Feeder to Lvl5 War Clan Aged Greatness2**

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    **Introducing the Official Feeder to Lvl5 War Clan Aged Greatness2**

    Introducing the Official Feeder to Lvl5 War Clan Aged Greatness2...

    Clan tag #2QLU8VCY

    ITS JUST A GAME (IJAG) is the new lvl2 feeder clan to lvl5 adult war clan Aged Greatness2 (AG2). If you're interested in joining AG2, you MUST apply to IJAG first to demonstrate your ability to 3-star an equivalent base in war! IJAG is run by AG2 co-leaders who are happy to give suggestions and advice to help you smoothly transition into AG2.

    Who should apply to join IJAG?
    We are currently accepting mature players (18+) with non-rushed
    TH7-10 bases.

    But wait! Are you a
    TH3-6? Please join the feeder to our feeder, NightmareGuild
    (#9JR2GQ9P), where you'll benefit from great coaching by a high level leader, and receive priority access to IJAG and AG2 when you advance to TH7. For more details visit:

    How do wars work in IJAG?
    IJAG wars back-to-back. You must attack your equal for your 1st attack. We always go for stars, no looting ever! Players who miss attacks, loot, or act inappropriately in chat will be kicked. Because IJAG is a feeder and training ground, you will be strongly encouraged to use a variety of attack strategies to develop into a well-rounded player.

    How long will I stay in IJAG before moving up to AG2?
    The length of your stay depends on a couple factors, including your skill in war, defensive & offensive upgrades needed to meet our requirements (see below), and the TH level we need in AG2 at the time. You could be promoted to AG2 after only 1 war!

    Why should I pick IJAG?
    IJAG provides a relaxed atmosphere that puts you on a direct path to a lvl5 clan. In IJAG, you can get to know our clan and enjoy a really fun learning environment. The IJAG leader and some of the co-leaders have 1.5+ years of experience, and have been leading clans and sharing their know-how for much of that time.

    How do I apply?
    Stop by in-game and mention the SC forum! Feel free to PM me with any questions. We hope to see you soon!

    When you're ready, you'll be invited to join our main clan, lvl5 war clan Aged Greatness2...

    Aged Greatness2
    Clan tag #8VJ9UJC8

    Aged Greatness2 is a highly active, well-organized, ~45 member TH7-10 adult
    lvl5 war clan. Join AG2 to play with like-minded adults who dominate in wars and keep it fun in chat. And don't forget about the awesomeness of lvl5 perks!

    We are proud to be part of a 3 clan feeder family which players can join at TH3 and remain with through TH10.


    Age 18+
    TH7: Must have dragons and (2) lvl 4 air defense
    TH8: Must have lvl 2 dragons and (3) lvl 5 air defense
    TH9-10: Non-rushed defensively and offensively

    What you should know about us:
    We take war seriously! Players who fail to use both attacks in war, attack out of range (+-5 from your number), or go for loot instead of stars will be kicked!

    Wars are held 3x per week, with the option to opt out of the weekend war. Players who are opting out of multiple wars will be asked to go to our feeder.

    We use to reserve bases in war and to track the progress and rank of all members.

    What we have to offer:
    Join AG2 and you'll be part of a drama-free group of guys and gals that know how to crush their opponents in war without sacrificing the fun! We love to discuss new attack strategies and help each other out with war attacks and we're always happy to donate quality troops. Get to know your clanmates outside of CoC on the chat app
    GroupMe. A lot of us have been playing together for quite a while; we're a loyal, close-knit group and we really like to have a good time. Come meet us, you'll be glad you did:)

    AG2: Destined for greatness
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